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The people who come to Canada desire to be effective. He is a global understudy maintaining two sources of income to accomplish his objectives. He never veers off from difficult work.

Notwithstanding, his life changes when he turns into a survivor of victimization global understudies. This film shows his battles and the challenges that each global understudy faces and how he attempts to battle them.

Jas Gill, otherwise called Sidhu Moosewala, fantasies about going to Canada. As an understudy and afterward bringing in cash to help himself and his family have a superior life. Be that as it may, his family couldn’t send him abroad, however, they applied for a new line of credit and sent him to Canada.

There are numerous genuine instances of global understudies. Who have been oppressed for different reasons; Refusing to live and work? So it can say that the story and account dazzle us.

Punjabi entertainer Mandy Tahar is additionally featured in the film. Like Rit, she assumed the part of Jas’ sweetheart. Her blameless face and beautiful appearance made hearts soften in a matter of seconds.

There are one of the few different characters in the film who assume fundamental parts. For instance, a few understudies really mirror the picture of individuals with an inclination for unfamiliar understudies. At last, Uncle Jasa showed us pictures of purported family members. Who vowed to secure us perpetually however never satisfied their words.

Returning to the film, Mandy plays Sidhu’s better half Reet, a person she feels is genuine and appealing. “Reet is somebody who will battle about something as little for what reason was her call not replied at this point she’ll be the most cherishing a steady individual with regards to things that truly matter. She has a slight shade of being a run of the mill ‘practically high schooler like’ sweetheart who on occasion wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about the battles her accomplice is confronting. In any case, she in the long run becomes steady and assists him with accomplishing his fantasies.”

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