Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8 September 2020 Written Updates

At the beginning of today’s episode, Vishambhar asks Abir where Misty is. Mr. Vishambhar tells him that maybe you don’t remember that you promised me that you would take good care of Mistry and he would threaten Veer. Bring the soil back to me in 2 hours if you don’t bring mystico to me then I will complain to the police. After that Meenakshi gets very angry with that number and Vishambhar name Meenakshi to be ready to go to jail. And then Vishambhar leaves and Abir and Kunal go to find Mistry

When the two are leaving Meenakshi tries to stop them but I ignore her and goes to look for the sure one and there on the other side Rajshree is praying to God that Misty will come as soon as possible When he returns home, Abir and Kunal find out from the cab driver that Misty had got out of the car at the nearby bus stand. At the stand Abir dreams and at the same time Abir and Kunal reach the bus stand and start looking at Mistry here and there and in a short while Abir finds Misty from there Honesty becomes haraam

Then Abir gets very angry at Mishti but tells Kunal to stay with you now Abir tells Mishti to leave and after that Misty performs Hajj to Abir loudly and starts apologizing to him

Right now Varsha is telling Rajshree that she has just found the name and Vishambhar has brought her chemistry home as soon as possible and Rajshree explains to her that Mishbir needs each other very much at this time and there in sight I had just complained to Veer that he is a liar and shows his pain all the time but he never asked me how I was doing.

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Then tells her friend that I never lied to you and there on the other hand Meenakshi tells Mistry that you love divorce papers and take the day as soon as possible and she tells Qureshi that you got married as soon as possible Make preparations

Wait now who knows that Meenakshi was going to take sleeping pills then Meenakshi had decided to leave the house and Abir tells Mishti not to try to leave me at any cost because I live without you Can’t and there Kuhu was too busy to see the situation is very pity and I get sad I share my pain with who I am

Kunal Miss Veer and you come back home and Nidhi greets them and there Balveer tells them in another way that he is adopting a child so they are very happy Kunal is also very happy and Misty would be very happy But Meenakshi gets angry with this decision and this is where the episode ends

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