Yeh Rishta kya kehlaata Hai 9 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Sirat advising to Kartik on account of Kairva she has been precluded. Kartik inquires as to whether she realizes what has occurred with him. Sirat asks Kartik what and for what reason he continues to address her as his mom. Kartik says Kairav did the slip-up. Sirat says to Kartik how a kid a can commit an error in perceiving his mom. She adds if Kairav misjudge her than why he embraced her. Sirat asks Kartik don’t disclose to her that he also saw, Kairav’s mom in her. Mauri requests that Sirat quit addressing. Kartik says to Mauri he needs to leave. Mauri requests that Kartik eat. Kartik says to Mauri that he needs to leave. He gets a call from Manish. Manish asks Kartik where is he and was not getting his call. Ahead, Sirat asks Mauri for what good reason as opposed to reprimanding Kartik she was offering lunch. She says as a result of Kartik’s youngster her vocation got destroyed. Mauri says post chiding likewise gone opportunity will not arrive back. Meanwhile, Mukesh bring house purchasers. Mauri and Sirat contends with Mukesh. Mukesh requests that Mauri get Sirat hitched else she will escape with a person like earlier day. Mauri and Sirat stands stunned. Mukesh requests that purchasers see the house.

Kartik see Mukesh getting into mischief with Sirat and Mauri. Sirat says to Mukesh none can sell her home. Mukesh pushes Sirat. Sirat gets injured. Kartik hits back Mukesh. He loses his cool on Mukesh for getting rowdy with Mauri and Sirat. Kartik undermines Mukesh on the off chance that he will inconvenience them than he will call a cop. Mukesh going to hit Kartik however Sheela stops him. Further, Kartik says to Mauri that his attorney will help them in ensuring her home. He asks Mauri and Sirat not to stress.

Opposite side, Surekha asks Suwarna for what good reason Suhasini is coming. Suhasini come and uncovers to Goenka’s that she is here on the grounds that Kairav disclosed to her that he saw Naira at the lodging. Goenka’s stands stunned. Suhasini gets some information about Kairav. Suwarna tell he is resting. Suhasini says she will stand by. She inquires as to why none yet enquired about Naira’s face the same. Mainsh says Kartik went to discover. Suhasini inquires as to why none went with him as though Kairav got eager than how Karitk will feel.

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