Yeh Rishta kya Kehlaata Hai 10th February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Sirat’s companion inquiring as to whether picked up anything about Kartik’s better half. Sirat’s companion get some information about Kartik’s complete name. Sirat disclose to Kartik Goenka. Here, Kartik think why he needs to go through entire night at Sirat’s place, he don’t comprehend. Sirat inquires as to whether he picked up anything as her web is moderate.

Sira’s companion see image of Naira and gets stunned. Sirat asks her companion what occurred. Sirat’s companion advise to her that he is sending her image. His companion adds anybody would been in Kairav’s place, would have done likewise. At Goenka house, Kairav see Suhasini and gets cheerful. He educates to Suhasini concerning Sirat. Kairav says none trust him. He gets some information about Kartik.

Mainsh reveal to Kartik will come next morning. Kairav figure Kartik ought to bring back her mom. There, Sirat battles to download Naira’s image. She see Kartik getting inconvenience is rest. Sirat goes to help Kartik yet mosquito net falls on him. Sirat apologize. Karitk and Sirat fix the net. Sirat requests that Kartik rest. Further, Sirat going to see Naira’s image however her telephone battery bites the dust. She figures now she can see just in the first part of the day why Kairav and Kartik responds seeing her. Sirat says she will discover about Kartik’s better half.

Kartik see Naira’s image and miss her. At Goenka house, Rhea advise to all her companion that she just needs to wed Kartik and irritates for none. She says by dealing with Akshu and Kairav she is attempting to intrigue Kartik. Suhasini see Akshu and requests that Rhea rest. She says she will deal with Akshu.

Suhasini feels frustrated about not ready to bring back Naira and cries. Opposite side, Mukesh and Sheela thumps at Sirat’s entryway. They alongside society denounce Sirat for concealing kid in the house against society. Sheela and Mukesh don’t discover Kartik. Sirat in the flashback think, Kartik at the 12 PM says to Sirat that he needs to leave. Sirat inquires as to whether in obscurity he will actually want to drive. Kartik says yes.


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