Yeh Rishta kya kehlaata Hai 01 February 2021 Written Update

Karitk says Kairav is touchy and they guaranteed him that their advocate will deal with Kairav yet they frustrated him. Kartik says to senior member that Kairav was sincerely broken at this point solid that he, when all is said and done, requested that he send his inn. Dignitary says to Kartik they don’t comprehend whom Kairav is thinking about her mom. Inn staff requests that Kartik go to the young lady house whom Kairav is calling his mom. Kartik won’t converse with anybody. Ahead, Sirat call Dean and lash out at him for not ready to deal with their understudy. She blows up and tell due to their understudy her game is destroyed. Senior member asks Sirat for what reason she didn’t asked the kid for what good reason he is calling her, his mom. Sirat says she try not to. Senior member asks Sirat, Kairav’s dad is here on the off chance that she needs to converse with him. Sirat says she isn’t intrigued.

Sirat breakdown. Mauri asks Sirat for what reason she is broken this way. Sirat says her expectation has been broken this time and cries. At Goenka house, Manish gets eager to welcome back Kairav. Suwarna inquires as to whether he bought toy house. Akhliesh tell just two toys he left at the shop. Gayu stress for Naira. Rhea says she will deal with Akhsu and Kairva. Gayu advise to Rhea, Akshu is her sister girl and she will deal with her. Rhea thinks she likewise don’t have any desire to bring up a youngster it just she needs to make an ideal picture of her in Kartik’s eye. Opposite side, Kairav will not go with Karitk home. Kartik demands Kairav to return home. Kairav says he needs mother and father both. There, Sheela, Sonu and Mukesh chooses for Sirat’s wedding. Sirat chooses to retaliate.

Karitk implores God and thinks he isn’t understanding whether he is doing well or wrong by taking Kairav home. He think he additionally don’t comprehend why he feels odd in the city. Ahead, street is block, Kartik meet same woman who has offered sirat a guidance. Kartik chooses to help the woman. Afterward, Sheela gets an arrangement to send Sirat in ghoomar night. She requests that Mauri send Sirat. Mauri says she won’t drive Sirat however will educate. Then, another street gets hindered. Karitk figure he don’t comprehend where fate is taking him and Kairav by impeding their direction. Read More…..

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