Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rudraksh discloses to Preesha that he purchased the emergency clinic so she can’t toss him out of it. She says that is unrealistic. He says she isn’t trusting him again and says he was feeling the loss of her so much and he got it so he can remain close to her.

He says when she was saving her patient he purchased this medical clinic since her patient’s better half was the proprietor of this emergency clinic. He reviews how he persuaded the proprietor to sell the clinic. He says now he is her proprietor so she can’t advise him to leave from the emergency clinic.She says he is correct she can’t advise him to leave from that point however she can leave and chooses to leave her work. She was going to move from that point yet quits hearing his next assertion. He says she needs to give him five crore sum as remuneration on the off chance that she is leaving the emergency clinic, at that point since that is the thing that written in her agreement when the emergency clinic employed her.

She says it can’t occur.He says that is the thing that he is additionally saying that she can’t leave the clinic and asks from where she can mastermind five crore that too thus. Furthermore, asks what’s her ultimate choice. She says she will remain here only for her work and he remaining here won’t influence her in any capacity since she isn’t going to tune in and furthermore not going to accept his words so he can do anything he desires to and leaves from that point. He says he realizes that she is inflexible thus he and he will keep trying.Mahima says in the event that she has any inquiries, at that point he ought to ask Balraj on the grounds that he is the person who gave this lodge to her. She advises them to leave the lodge since she is occupied with the gathering.

Misha asks which one is Ahana’s lodge at that point.Mahima says she will show them and shows one little lodge and leaves from that point in the wake of ridiculing her. Misha says Mahima is Preesha’s sister so they ought not take her lightly.Hospital’s old proprietor advises Preesha to allow to Rudraksh saying her significant other loves her to such an extent.

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