Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 January 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Preesha calls Mahima and educates about Rudraksh’s condition and says she regarded him as a specialist however now Mahima needs to take him from her home. She reveals to Gopal that she educated Mahima and getting late for clinic and moves from that point. He says she can’t conceal her torment from him yet he can’t do anything for her. Ahana says she isn’t understanding why Rudraksh acting this way. Balraj says he needs to accomplish something before he does anything once more. Sharda says she will bring Rudraksh.

Mahima and Sharda arrives at Srinivasan’s home. Vasudha says now Rudraksh is in better condition so they need not to stress over him. Mahima says they should take him to Khurana house and requests that Gopal call somebody for help. Gopal says Yuvraj will help them. Yuvraj gets astounded hearing him and says first time he requested that he accomplish something so clearly he will do it for him. He reviles him in his brain and thinks Preeta won’t pardon Rudraksh ever so he will turn out to be genuine spouse of her.

In Khurana house, Rudraksh awakens. Sharda advises him to set down saying he needs rest. He doesn’t allow Mahima to contact him and hollers at her. Balraj admonishes him for conversing with his significant other like this. Rudraksh says he will advise everything to him on perfect time. Balraj inquires as to whether he can’t quit wrecking with his own life at that point. Rudraksh requests that he drop every one of his shows and says he won’t do any show until Preesha pardons him.

Ahana blows up and asks what befell him and for what good reason he is doing like this for that Preesha. She asks how might he failed to remember how all Preesha managed him. He says Preesha is his life and nothing else matters for him and nobody has the privileges to meddle in his significant other and moves out of the room. Balraj attempts to stop him yet he tumbles down moving on steps. Preesha advises Balraj to take him to Preesha’s emergency clinic.

In medical clinic, Rudraksh advises Doctor to bring Preesha saying just she should treat him. Sharda requests that he not carry on like this and says he previously lost part of blood. Yet, Rudraksh didn’t listen anybody so Doctor goes to call Preesha. Preesha comes there and treats him and says she is here as Doctor and cautions him to avoid her. Yuvraj who came there compromises him and gives some lawful notification to him. Rudraksh blows up understanding that.

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