Yeh hai chahatein 25 january 2021 written update

Rudraksh tried to talk to Preesha but Gopal interrupts and says he doesn’t care Rudraksh saying truth or lie because for him just Preesha matters and she is in this condition because of him and asks him to stay away from his daughter.

In Srinivasan house Saaransh asks Preesha that why she left from Khurana house like that. She lies to him saying she went to hospital for emergency case. Yuvraj wonders how it all happened. Balraj scolds Rudraksh and Reporters keep calling them to know why Rudraksh did this and even his fans are hurt. He says Rudraksh married Mahima for Saaransh then what’s happening now and says because of him now negative publicity happening. Rudraksh says still Balraj cares about business but there is lot of things exists which is more important than his so called business.
Mahima asks Balraj to not scold Rudraksh and whatever happened between them is normal so she is not understanding that why everyone blaming her husband. Rudraksh yells at her and warns her to not defend him saying he doesn’t even want to see her face. Balraj scolds Rudraksh for behaving like this with Mahima. Mahima says she will handle him and leaves from there.

Next day, Preesha notices Rudraksh’s missed calls and messages but ignores it. Rudraksh calls Vasudha and pleads her to let him talk to Preesha. She scolds him saying he destroyed her both daughter’s life and disconnects the call. Gopal meets Rudraksh and warns him to stay away from Preesha. Rudraksh asks how can he say that when he knows the truth already and asks him to not trust that video. Gopal says Preesha won’t forgive him ever so he should leave Preesha and leaves from there.

Rudraksh meets Preesha in hospital and tells her that everything is done by Mahima to separate him from Preesha. She says she doesn’t want to listen anything and tells him to leave from there. Yuvraj comes there and says he thought Rudraksh loves Preesha but he never thought Rudraksh will do something like this. He says it’s Rudraksh who uploaded that video and he confirmed that with IP address. Rudraksh says Yuvraj is just fake husband so he should not cross his limits. They fights with each other. Preesha stops them and asks Rudraksh to leave from there. Rudraksh says she too knows that he can’t do something like that then leaves from there.

Later Rudraksh meets Preesha in her house and asks her to trust him. She says she won’t trust him because she saw everything. He says she can punish him but she should not leave him. He apologize to her and says he won’t leave from there until she forgives him. She ignores him and goes inside. Yuvraj instigates Preesha against Rudraksh. She notices that Rudraksha not leaving even though it’s raining and she is not able to sleep. Read full….

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