Yeh hai chahatein 23 january 2021 written update

Gopal says everybody can see that it’s Rudraksh at that point how might he lie. Rudraksh inquires as to why he will accomplish something like this and says Gopal realizes that how he loathes Mahima and he is certain that she accomplished something with him and she is liable for this. He inquires as to why he will transfer this in web-based media and says it’s her snare. He says he needs to converse with Preesha and gets some information about her. Gopal says she isn’t here and she saw him doing this very that is the reason she went out.

Balraj reproves Rudraksh. Rudraksh argues him saying he will answer him later yet now he needs to leave to discover Preesha. Gopal says he will likewise accomany him however Rudraksh won’t take with him saying he is dependable hercondition and no one but he can deal with her at that point leaves from that point. Mahima figures game didn’t began at this point appropriately yet Preesha flee effectively like this. Gopal says he can’t remain like this without sitting idle and was going to leave from that point to discover Preesha. Yuvraj stops him saying Preesha is his significant other so he will likewise accomany him.

Preesha cries reviewing what she saw few moments back. Rudraksh discovered her and embrace her and asks her how might she leave this way and says he realizes that she is angry with him. She requests that he not touch her maxim he lost those rights. He requests that she trust him saying he didn’t do anything like that and he don’t recall what occurred after he slapped Mahima and says she would have gave any medications to him. She says he deceived her and inquires as to why he did this with her and says he ought to have murdered her as opposed to harming her like this. He apologize to her.

She asks how he would have responded on the off chance that he was in her place, at that point and says none of his reasons can legitimize his activities and advises him to leave from that point. He says he will bite the dust without her. She says he doesn’t adore her and he demonstrated that today and she never figured Mahima can come inbetween them like this. He says Mahima even transferred the video in online media. She says she saw everything and everything completed among them and says she simply abhors him and leaves from that point. He cries and this why it occurred with him. Read More…

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