Yeh hai Chahatein 1 February 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rudraksh chooses to drop Preesha to her home however she brings different representatives also saying he should drop them additionally to their homes. He says he is a particularly capable proprietor so he will drop everybody and calls Mukesh to bring van.

Representatives acclaims Rudraksh. Rudraksh says he simply need to be with Preesha so vehicle doesn’t make a difference and he begins driving. He drops individually and Preesha gets assuaged thinking her home going to come yet he doesn’t stop the van and inquires as to why he didn’t stop. He says he will drop her last since she may accuse him later.

Mahima uncovers that Rudraksh purchased the emergency clinic. Balraj blows up and Sharda says there should be some purpose for Rudraksh’s activity.

Mahima says he purchased the clinic where Preesha working just to invest energy with her. Balraj says Rudraksh become frantic. Mahima as a spouse she is thoroughly taking care of him however he is going behind Preesha and says on the off chance that he needed to carry on like this, why he wedded her. Ahana says Rudraksh wedded Mahima for Saaransh and encourages her to leave Rudraksh.

Balraj says it was Rudraksh that who separated from Preesha and wedded Mahima now he can’t live with the two sisters and says he will converse with him about this. Rudraksh drops everybody aside from Preesha. She asks where is he taking her. He advises her to take rest saying he knows the what he is doing. She advises him to stop the van yet he won’t so attempts to stop the van despite the fact that he cautioned her to not do like that.

At that point he follows her platitude he didn’t stop the van since he needed to converse with her.She says she isn’t intrigued and was continue to walk. He ask where is she proceeding to say she can’t arrive at the house by strolling and advises her to not go alone in light of the fact that there is a woodland so allowed him to drop her. Read More…..

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