Yeh hai Chahatein 03 February 2021 Written Update

Preesha gets into wilderness lake to drink water. A crocodile sees her and swims towards her. Rudra figures when will they escape this spot and requests that Preesha pick up the pace. She requests that he have water as there is no snake in it. He says he would not like to and asks her again to return. Crocodile assaults her and tests her sanity. She yells. He hops in and attempts to safeguard her by battling with crocodile. Crocodile leaves Preesha and holds his hand. He battles with crocodile and calls Preesha. Preesha picks a stick and sabs crocodile. Preesha leaves Rudra’s hand and swims away. Preesha genuinely embraces Rudra and frees him once again from lake. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She says yes and sees his hand.

Mahima contacts her folks’ home to capture Saransh and calls Yuvraj.

Yuvraj opens entryway and says her folks and Saransh are resting calmly. She puts chloroform on a material to quiet Saransh. He checks and says its risky for kids. She says she is utilizing just a few and Saransh won’t pass on, let us remove Saransh before guardians awaken. Back in wilderness, Preesha and Rudra show their anxiety for one another. Preesha says his hand injury is serious and they need to arrive at emergency clinic or probably his injury will be contaminated. He says let us stand by till morning. She says she will bring wood for huge fire. He says he will and sets huge fire. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. melody.. plays out of sight. They feel their affection for one another. They went through evening inclining toward one another’s shoulders. Mahima with Yuvraj strolls into her folks’ room and sniffs chloroform to Saransh and afterward quietly attempts to get him yet shrouds seeing GPS turning, at that point pciks Saransh and leaves with Yuvraj. She inquires as to whether he realizes that he knows nothing. He says truly, he doesn’t have a clue what her identity is and allows her to out of house.In the morning, Preesha awakens and awakens Rudra. Rudra squirms close by torment. Preesha says its draining again and on the off chance that they don’t arrive at clinic, he might be contaminated. He requests that what direction go. She says let us go to east side and strolls holding him. He feels bleary eyed. They see a vehicle passing by and halting it argue to drop them to clinic. Old woman inside vehicle denies saying she can’t confide in outsiders. Preesha says in the event that they don’t arrive at medical clinic on schedule, Rudra’s injury will get contaminated. Elderly person asks who are they. Rudra says she is Dr. Preesha and he is her better half a portrays entire story. Couple let them in. Vasu awakens and not discovering Saransh on bed look through him in entire house and illuminates GPS. The two of them stroll to Yuvraj and awaken him. He acts and says he imagined about thugs abducting Saransh. GPS reproves him to stop his drivel. Yuvraj asks where is Saransh. Vasu says he is absent. He says his morning dream should be valid. Preesha and Rudra arrive at clinic. Specialist gives genreal sedation to Rudra and wraps him. Another specialist swathes Preesha and says her would will recuperate in 2-3 days and she can return home. Preesha thanks specialist and strolls to Rudra’s room. Rudra goes about as having extreme agony. She says she realizes specialist gave him sedation. He says she cherishes him a ton. She says she doesn’t. He says she really focuses on him however.

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