Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th January 2021 Written Update

Presently, Tujhse Hai Raabta 25th Jan 2021 Written Update Starts with Aaosaheb discloses to Vivek needs to met her yet Godavari denies to meet her Dad and leaves. Kalyani encourages to Aaosaheb that she will make Godavari to agree to meet Vivek. Hidden men cover the house from each side. Shera demands Tony to take care from Moksh. Moksh stops Shera and demands nothing will happen to you and Aifi right. Shera talks you care for me. Moksh agrees and grasps him. Tony thinks Shera is changed. A couple of men came inside and watch the Vitthal image. Kalyani makes that men fell and Shera checks his body yet he goes to be a conventional darling. That time Robbers men enter inside and watch the image and enlightens to their head that Idol is the equivalent. A person on the wheel seat talks with the objective that the video is substantial. Kalyani calculates those people will enter with a full plan and I wish I can understand their course of action to face them and she thinks to send Aaosaheb from that place yet Aaosaheb denies. Godavari offers to help Kalyani. Kalyani makes Godavari fathom and makes her agree to meet Vivek. Aaosaheb hears their convo.

Anupriya watches Sarthak is absent from the room and she searches for him and enlightens to Shera that Sarthak is missing. Shera speaks I addressed him daily back it seems like he fled. Anupriya speaks I trust in Sarthak, he can never do such a work. Shera smiles speaking Moksh saved the correct name for you Meena Kumari, don’t take pressure Moksh and Sarthak are with my Men in a protected spot. Anupriya offers thanks toward him. Shera talks offer thanks toward me ensuing to getting that criminal. Around evening time Aaosaheb performs Aarti and everyone stays with Aarti thali. Kalyani figures envision a situation where those men won’t come here. A person on wheel seat offs the power of house. Everyone gets pushed. Anupriya talks about how power goes off, seems like they gone to inside. Shera going to head inside anyway he gets shocked because of the wires around the house. Anupriya talks about how should they enter. Lovers talk various houses power is on, appears as someone did it purposely. A person on the wheel seat enters talking don’t move else you will be dead, if you will struggle trusting me at that point take off material from Aarti thali.

Everyone takes off material and gets paralyzed watching Bombs in their plates then he throws foaming gas. Anupriya illuminates Shera concerning back eat and they endeavor to move thusly yet Masked men got them. Kalyani trusts it’s a wrap of Mama ji and she throws something to stop his wheel seat. He alerts her to butcher them. Kalyani explanations of disappointment to him and ensures that she will sit idle. At that point individual on the wheel seat takes the Vitthal image and bit by bit leaves from that place in the wheel seat and afterward he stands ordinarily and goes out cutting the wires yet gets paralyzed hearing Bomb sound under his feet. Read More:-

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