Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9 February 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Pappu saying furiously that Mahi Jogi ought to be with the lady of the hour and lucky man not with Gulshan. Jogi says my effect on individuals is noticeable to the point that your Jiju also is talking reasonably. Mahi takes her mother’s bangles back from Gulshan. She leaves with Jogi. Pappu’s companion says his saali is nuclear bomb. Pappu ought to be cautious. Pappu says its occurrence due to Jogi. He is giving her fortitude. Pappu says I realize how to handle them.

Mahi sees her dupatta in Gulshan’s vehicle which he grabbed from her that evening. She says she didn’t wear it twice. She attempts to open the vehicle entryway however it’s bolted. Jogi at that point takes one barrette from Mahi and opens the vehicle entryway. He at that point helps Mahi in wearing the dupatta. Mahi at that point prods Jogi saying he is cheat who takes vehicle that is the reason he knows the strategies. Jogi says she has the ability to demolish positive disposition.

Mahi leaves with Jogi to go to the wedding. Mahi’s dupatta stalls out with Jogi’s watch. Husband begin taking pheras. Mahi Jogi also seem like lady of the hour and lucky man. Mahi strolls before Jogi then she was going to fall Jogi saves Mahi and goes before her. During mangalsutra custom Mahi’s accessory releases and Jogi causes her in wearing it. During vermilion custom Jogi eliminates flower petals from Mahi’s hairline. He thinks it as some sign from God.

Jogi Mahi salute Pankaj and Priya. They express gratitude toward Mahi and Jogi. They say Mahi and Jogi also look great with one another. Pappu thinks this isn’t the end.

Mahi comes to Jogi and says she needs to converse with him. Mahi at that point says sorry to him. Jogi advises her to say sorry uproariously over and over. Mahi at that point tells a wisecrack saying Jay Matadi. Mahi says Jogi isn’t care for different folks. His great childhood can be seen. Jogi says he also feels that Mahi isn’t care for Pappu. He at that point says Mahi is infatuated with him so on the off chance that she needs he can take her out on the town. Mahi says what rubbish. She at that point leaves.

Mahi’s mom and Jogi’s Biji eat inordinate food. Mahi attempts to stop her mom saying she should quit eating presently Mahi’s mother says she gave shagun. for what reason wouldn’t she be able to eat? She says Biji is likewise eating to such an extent. Biji and Mahi’s mother begin battling then Renu’s better half takes Mahi’s mother with him saying she ought to have food with elegant individuals. Read more……….

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