Space Jam 2 A New Legacy Movie Release Date, Cast & Crew, Trailer

Space Jam 2 A New Legacy Movie : The game is a pixelated beat-them up being made by Digital Eclipse that is suggestive of arcade games from the ’90s time, when the principal film came out. The trailer shows part of the cast from Space Jam: A New Legacy. There’s LeBron James, who stars in the new film, alongside Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. We can see James pummeling a robot with a hurricane uppercut and Bugs doing a mid-air kick.

pace Jam 2 A New Legacy Movie

In the trailer, Bugs clarifies that the game was made as a feature of a challenge where individuals presented their thoughts for a unique Space Jam game.

Warner Bros. has likewise declared cooperation with Xbox to uncover three new Space Jam-themed regulators fully expecting the new film. There’s a blue and “carrot orange” Tune Squad one, a purple and dark Goon Squad one, and a blue and dark one motivated by the anecdotal computerized universe of the Warner 3,000 Entertainment Server-refrain.

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