Shakti Astitva Ke 22 January 2021 Written Update

Isha apologizes to Heer that she is taking her adoration from her. She is feeling regretful. Heer gives her mangalsutra to Isha saying I am conveying this and I needed to offer it to somebody who merits Virat’s affection. You guarantee me you will cherish him generally and you will make him extremely upbeat. Isha gives her guarantee. Isha at that point says she needs Heer’s assistance to persuade Virat. Heer says alright I won’t cry from now. I will help you.

Heer goes to Shyam’s room. Shyam plays woodwind. Heer says your concept of making Virat envious was right. We ought not act like companions yet we should act like darlings in front him. This will work certainly.

Virat goes close to bluff with Isha. Heer and Shyam proceed with their dramatization as a team. Subsequent to hearing Shyam’s sentimental words Virat says both of you are acting right. Come clean with me else I will hop off the precipice. Possibly this time I won’t restore like last time. Heer says you can’t compel somebody to adore you like that. Heer calls Virat. Read More…

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