Shaadi Mubarak 9 February 2021 Written Updates

The Episode begins with Kushala reproving Preeti. Preeti says Neil loves Priyanka, he was unable to wed Shikha. Shivraj says yet Neil ought to have educated us concerning it, we gave a word to Maheshwaris. Preeti says Neil and Shikha would have been upset in the event that they wedded, if it’s not too much trouble, allow to Priyanka, she is a decent young lady. Kushala says you conflicted with me, KT. KT says I was unable to see Neil forfeiting his satisfaction, he cherishes Priyanka. Kushala says Neil’s marriage was an arrangement, he would have saved us from a major misfortune, how might we get 40 crores in 15 years, your father had kept house and office sold for a serious deal, Maheshwari planned to give us cash, how might we get cash now. KT and Preeti say from Shaadi mubarak. Kushala asks what. KT says we will get 40 crores in 15 days. Preeti says indeed, we have saved the family’s satisfaction, presently we will save the regard as well, simply trust us.

KT and Preeti go to Neil and Priyanka. Priyanka says everybody is annoyed with us, would they be able to acknowledge us. Preeti says indeed, you can end their irritation with your affection. KT says win their hearts by your affection. Neil and Priyanka take their gifts. Neil says we couldn’t ever have got this objective of affection without you and Preeti. Preeti says your affection has caused us to understand our objective. She gets pitiful. KT and Preeti go to their room and review her choice. She sees KT. Hamari adhuri kahani… plays… She reviews their minutes. He additionally remains miserable and sees their marriage pic.

KT and Preeti meet the legal advisor. They petition for legal separation with shared assent. The legal counselor says I can comprehend the issues looked by couples. KT says no, I don’t have any such issues, my better half is reasonable, you knows me more than I know myself, she comes to help me first, she resembles my companion. The woman says OK, at that point she would object to you, that is the reason she needs a separation. Preeti says no, he is a pleasant individual, he regards me and others, he possesses a lot of energy for me, we cooperate, we have taken our organization to statures. The woman grins and asks will you have tea. They say pass. The woman says I don’t think you both have come for separate, yet for marriage, you are checking your characteristics, in the event that you have great agreement, why would you like to get separated. Preeti says he doesn’t adore me. KT sees a cabinet falling on Preeti.

He saves her and really focuses on her. She says I m fine. The woman sees them. She says he is caring very much for you, you are saying he doesn’t cherish you, you need a decent advocate, it tends to be anybody from your family, you may have some old buddy. KT says Kusum is our old buddy. The woman says converse with her, she will help you accommodate, I m sure that your marriage is alive, I need 2 mins to document your application, however one should attempt to keep the marriage prior to breaking it.

She requests that they meet Kusum. She requests that they tackle their issues, by utilizing the graph. She says on the off chance that you feel love, at that point make a red heart, else a dark cross. She gives the outlines to them. Priyanka searches for drugs. She asks Sneha. Kushala inquires as to why. Priyanka says I had a migraine. Kushala says we got a cerebral pain by your entrance in this house. Priyanka says I requested prescriptions, not counsel, I realize you are shocked that I have gotten back home, its time you acknowledge that I m your bahu. Sneha asks is this your habits. Priyanka says I will carry on a similar like you, in the event that you need regard, at that point you need to give me regard first, I will arrange meds on the web, I don’t need your assistance. Sneha asks Kushala did she see Priyanka. Kushala says I will control her.

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