Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25 January 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Anant gets some information about Gehna and gets hypnotized briefly seeing her. Gehna vows to herself before Saraswati mata that she will concentrate to transform her. Mrs. Doshi reports game named ‘ Sui dhaga ‘. Paresh says Gehna should win this one. Anant wishes her and advises her to not be apprehensive. The opposition starts and Gehna was remaining there without taking any kind of action and Kanak wins the opposition in women and Pankaj wins in courteous fellow. Everybody applauds them. Hema and Radhika praises Kanak. Radhika goes to Gehna and derides her for losing the straightforward game and says now she will confront more troublesome games then the thing she will do.

She says her lose is equivalent to Anant’s lose so ought avoid next games. Anant hears everything. Tiya declares next game saying it’s accomplice game and requests that the members pick their accomplice. Radhika calls Anant and requests that he become her accomplice. Anant consents to be her accomplice saying she is resolved to win and that is what significant. She advances her hand and Anant holds it then they leaves from that point. Gehna feels awful seeing them like that.

Hema, Kanak also sees everything. Gehna chooses to invest her energy and dominate the match for Anant. Tiya says they are delaying the accomplice game till the arrangement completes for it and clarifies about second game and says memory power is significant in this game. Pankaj supports Kanak and Anant was continue to take a gander at Gehna.

Gehna dominates the subsequent match and Anant gets cheerful hearing that. Yet, Kanak gets annoyed hearing the game outcome. Tiya says now Gehna and Kanak driving with one point. Mrs. Doshi discloses to Jamuna that she is desirous of her since she doesn’t have a little girl in law like Gehna and commendations Gehna. Anant feels glad hearing her. Sagar insults Kanak and says he can see her future. Kanak envisions herself as servant and Gehna as proprietor.

She says game beginned now just and at end she will be the champ regardless. Pankaj says he is prepared to applaud her. Mrs. Doshi says Gehna didn’t get accomplice yet so Jamuna should turn into her accomplice. Jamuna consents to partake with Gehna. Gehna , Praful gets cheerful. Accomplice game starts and Tiya begins to pose inquiries individually. Read more

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