Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23 January 2021 Written Update

Tia gets up toward the beginning of the day and seeing improved wonderful pandal enthusiastically calls entire family and shows pandal. Kanak’s group stand raging in envy while Bapuji acclaims Gehna’s abilities. Baa likewise gets cheerful seeing enlivened pandal. Tia calls council women who get glad seeing pandal and applauding Gehna’s abilities reveal to Baa that Jamna’s bahu has sorcery in her grasp, she changed entire pandal in a particularly limited capacity to focus. Baa gets back. Bapuji invites her and says her feet isn’t on floor because of bliss. Baa asks him to ask Gehna for what reason was she conscious entire evening, imagine a scenario in which she had become sick. Anant gets back.

Baa requests that he illuminate Gehna to take wash and rest for at some point and to apply balm on her consume wound, Kanak will take care of the present errands. Gehna gets cheerful and reveals to Anant that Baa commended her today. Chetan, Pankaj, Tia, Bapuji, and Paresh request that Kanak get ready tea, espresso, and milk for them. Hema remarks that naukrani/servant will rest and bahu rani will work today. Kanak says never, footwear are worn in feet and not kept on head. She stops Gehna and hollers that her pandal is commended and when workers do great job, they give.. Hema says tips.

Kanak gives her 500 rs tips. Anant seeing that stops her and giving her 2000 rs notes requests that she offer tips to bhabhis. Kanak says he is offending her by giving tips. He says even she offended offering tips to Gehna, he can’t consider offending her and thought she began another custom. He arranges Gehna to give a befitting answer to whoever affronts her. Gehna discloses to Kanak that she won’t affront her tips and will keep it before god’s godlike object. Anant re-visitations of his live with espresso for himself and Gehna and hearing sound from washroom figures she should be in washroom. Radhika emerges from restroom. He asks what is she doing here. She strolls towards him and slips. The two of them fall on bed. Gehna enters and takes a gander at them.Read More…

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