Qurbaan Hua 19 March 2021 Written Updates

Chahat is broken pondering Neel’s agony and petitions God for assisting her with demonstrating Neel’s honesty. She imagines that she saw a firearm in his grasp yet she realizes he can’t execute her father. She appeals to be shown some method of demonstrating Neel’s guiltlessness and separates. She crushes some crates in disappointment and recollects her father seeing them. She vows to keep his things cautiously all life. She attempts to close a rack when Dadi ammi and Ghazala come to take her with them to a spot. They take her to Dhyani house so she opposes going in. Dadi ammi takes her in and Ghazala requests that her men bring somebody’s arthi which confounds Chahat

Her men burst a few wafers there which brings Vyas ji and others outside. Vyas ji asks who brought this here so Dadi ammi reveals to him that they have brought this as a present for them. Ghazala discloses to them that the court has given capital punishment to Neel for murdering Baig. Vyas ji is stunned as Ghazala discloses to him that police will show up with court orders soon. He is broken at hearing this while Mama ji reassures him saying that nothing will happen to Neel. Chahat is parted from inside while Ghazala consumes more saltines to give them torment. She offers one to Chahat and she needs to take it reluctantly and consumes Neel’s virtual arthi unintentionally.

Dadi ammi faces Chahat yet she comes up with a rationalization while Alka discloses to them that this is God’s sign and Neel won’t pass on unexpectedly early. Chahat feels that she will secure Neel at any expense. Afterward, Chahat banters with herself about what to do to save Neel. The man in hoodie makes some commotion in house which Chahat hears and goes to Dr Baig’s space to check. She sees the man and defies him about his quality here. He leaps out of the overhang before Chahat can get him. She at that point goes to check the room and tracks down all the crates made by Dr Baig open and on checking it she finds a firearm enveloped by hanky. She is stunned and furthermore finds the shots which cause her to understand that the weapon is phony and reviews Neel educating her regarding the phony firearm.

Chahat sees the shadow of a man in Ghazala’s room and thinks that her life perhaps in danger. She sees inside through shades and discovers Ghazala embracing the person. She sees that the person is Akram, her sibling and Ghazala crying cheerfully on his return. He discloses to her that he couldn’t endure destitution so he left yet now he won’t ever leave her. He advises that he attempted to kill Neel that day however he shot Dr Baig accidentally and afterward he even shot Neel. Chahat is crushed to hear this  as he tells that he supplanted his phony firearm with the genuine one to make it appear as though Neel murdered Baig.

Ghazala says that she just laments Neel being alive yet Chahat loathes him now and even got him captured. She says that once Neel gets hanged then they will be overwhelmed with votes and cash. Chahat is irate to realize that Akram murdered Dr Baig and chooses to rebuff them by acting obscure before them. Chahat chooses to keep the firearm to demonstrate Neel’s guiltlessness. Following day Dhyani family holds up at the police headquarters in tension while Ghazala says that Neel will be hanged in no time flat. Then Neel is taken to be hanged while Chahat gets stressed. Read more……..

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