Namak Ishq Ka by Colors TV 7th December 2020 written Updates

A little and kid are playing before a ship’s wheel. A vehicle stops and their dads come to them. Young man tells the young lady our dad’s are companions we can be companions as well. They sit in vehicle and the young lady gets terrified because of speed. The kid gives her a key and keeps the lock with him telling he bolted every one of her apprehensions.

They are going to shake hands when the vehicle is hit by a truck. It stops almost a precipice. A woman pushed it down the bluff. Scene changes to 15 years after the fact. A vehicle stops and a woman ventures down with her eyes tied. Panditji tells that these sanctuary was worked by these two young ladies family as it were. She tells the other young lady Gunjan that now she will open her eyes before God as it were. She advises no compelling reason to clasp hands as I have confidence in God. She begins strolling towards the sanctuary alone.

A snake is moving toward her. A person descends from helicopter and calls her Sister in law. He gets the snake in his grasp. Gunjan tells the person today is our commitment so I reserve the option to hold your hands. At other spot a young lady is runninh away  from certain hooligans. As a thug moves toward her she breaks coconut on his head. In the sanctuary the woman eliminates her blindfold and implores God for gift Yug and Gunjan and expectations nobody interferes with them.

The young lady got away from hooligans and call a young man. He reveals to her his oxygen chamber is going to complete so please come soon. She discloses to them she is not far off. Somebody thumps on the entryway and the children open reasoning its their sister yet a concealed man enters and sits on a seat. The young lady’s leg are draining a ton.

Yug stops by her and takes a gander at her from behind. As she takes out something from her pack her vital comes out. What’s more, Yug takes out cloth from his pocket we can see the lock. Flashback of beginning scene between kids play. The man tells the children Rani and Lucky don’t be apprehensive and gives them chocolates to eat. As they eat he asks them which of it had poison? They toss it out. Than he takes out another chocolate and tells this one has poison. Rani says she will eat it however Lucky grabs it from her and eats it.

Panditji tells Elder pandit is no here who will do the puja now. Yug says he will do the puja. The man tells he didn’t harm the chocolate, he gived water to fortunate. He discloses to them we will play find the stowaway now. I will cover up in the almirah and you won’t inform your sister concerning it. Panditji misidentifies the young lady to move and she acknowledges it escape from the hooligans. Yug starts supplicating of Mahadev.

As Yug proceeds with the petitions the young lady starts moving. She accidentaly steps on Yug and focuses the trisul at him. She flees from that point terrified yet drops her jwellery which Yug keeps. She advises the children not to cry as she has brought chamber.

The children are frightened and prevents her from going towards the almirah. She gives them food and goes towards the Almirah as she speculates something isn’t right. The man emerges from Almirah and says you lost children and I won. He focuses a weapon at the young ladies head. He asks her for what valid reason are you frightened who will murder his to be spouse.

Lets get ready for marriage and he requests that his men bring the ring for her. She says shoot in the event that you need to, I would kick the bucket however won’t acknowledge you. He requests that the hooligans hold her. He says I gave you advance and with my cash you purchased oxygen cyliner for Lucky. So he begins to unplug chamber from Lucky. She shouts Thakur I am prepared to get connected with released him. Thakur tells I came completely arranged.

I have brought lighting of your decision and brings a cake as well. He compels her to wear his ring. He requests that her cut cake by tortuturing the young child. She cuts cake and Thakur compliments her on getting ready for marriage. She picks her cell and reveals to Kamla Bai make the arrangementd Cham is coming.

Colors TV Hindi Serial Namak Ishq Ka Cast Details:

Serial NameNamak Ishq Ka
Channel SourceColors Tv and Voot
Main Cast NameShruti Sharma & Monalisa
Produced byGul Khan
Directed by Gul Khan’s
Written by Karishma Jain
Production byHouse 4 Lions Films.
Start Date7th December 2020 Till Continue 2021
Drama Timing Monday to Friday at 9 PM (IST)
Running time20-22 minutes

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