Molkki 20th November 2020 Written Updates

Pushpa welcomes Virender’s mom. She advises Pushpa to discover a precious stone for Virender. Pushpa calls the young ladies individually. Virender’s mom doesn’t care for both of them. She reveals to her sibling she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how the marriage will occur. Anjali proposes getting Jyoti hitched to Virender. Jyoti takes tea for Virender when he is doing yoga. She hacks to grab his eye. He takes a gander at her however then shuts his eyes once more. She plunks down and begins conversing with him about his preferences. Mother and his sister look crestfallen. Mother says the young lady ought to be able to do

Purvi and Priyu are made a beeline for Sakshi Mills. Purvi needs to get her books back before individuals come there. Virender and his Mama is headed to the Mill. He advises his driver to drive quick. Purvi comes before the vehicle to spare an older.

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lady. The driver comes out to mind the woman yet Purvi reprimands him severely for driving thoughtlessly and not being accommodating towards a woman. She gets tranquil when Virender brings down the window sheet. Purvi picks her bike and asks Priyu to come as quickly as possible. Priyu asks her what occurred. Purvi advises her to sit. I will let you know in transit. Mother says there is something in particular about this young lady. She reproved the pioneer’s driver and fled when she saw the pioneer. Virender calls her distraught.

Sakshi Mill gets initiated. Virender thinks my fantasy at long last worked out as expected after the initiation of the plant. Purvi comes to gather her books however doesn’t discover them there.

Priyu sees Vipul coming there on a cart.

Virender goes to take a gander at the machines. Purvi is as yet looking for her books. She hears somebody’s voice and takes cover behind a machine. Virender strolls in with a person and his gatekeepers to inspect the machine. Purvi continues moving. Virender turns on the force machine. Purvi gets strained as Virender inches nearer.

Vipul gets some information about Purvi. Purvi reveals to her she went inside to gather her books. Vipul chooses to go inside to meet her.

Purvi is as yet avoiding Virender and his men. Vipul pulls her away in the nick of time. She is stunned to see him. Vipul shares that he returned a little while ago and came to meet her quickly. Purvi asks him for what reason he needs to meet her now. He asks her if and for what good reason she is upset to see him. Purvi decays. He is dumbfounded and follows her. She yells at him to relinquish her. Virender hears her voice and thinks about what’s going on. Purvi mentions to him what happened when he was proceeded to request that he leave. I would prefer not to converse with you. Vipul demands her to hear him out. Virender looks on.

Mother fixes a gathering with somebody. He discloses to Virender they should remain here this evening as he needs to meet somebody. He tells his sister they may discover Virender’s lady of the hour today.

Kanji Bhai shows a few photos of certain young ladies to Virender’s Mama. He drops Purvi’s photograph while picking a collection. Mother gets it. He reviews how legitimate and blunt she is. He grins as he thinks about all the occurrence. She is an ideal counterpart for a pioneer. What’s her cost? Kanji Bhai says her Molkki has been fixed. Mom requests the cost. Kanji Bhai lets him know. Mom gives him a bag loaded up with 20 lacs. I like this young lady without a doubt. Presently she just will turn into Virender’s significant other. Kanji Bhai says I can fix the Molkki of this whole family in this much sum. She is fortunate. Presently nobody can prevent her from turning into your DIL. They fix the collusion.

Kanji Bhai informs Mahesh regarding Virender’s Mama picking Purvi for Virender. Mahesh says my significant other wont concur for it. She doesn’t care for Virender. A ton numerous individuals including me have lost our positions as a result of him. Furthermore, he is incredibly wealthy. She will like to pass on however wont let it occur! Decline this union. We will get Purvi hitched to the principal individual as it were. Kanji Bhai says they are giving multiple times than what we were getting prior. Would it be a good idea for me to state no? Mahesh denies. Discover an answer. Kanji Bhai instructs him to rehash his words to Purvi. She wont have the option to state no.

Virender and his family come to Ganga ghaat. Virender asks his Mama for what valid reason he looks so content.

Mahesh has taken his family out for chaat.

Virender’s Mama says you concurred for the wedding all things considered.

Mahesh says we are here as Purvi concurred for the wedding.

Mom says I know however you don’t realize that this is the thing that Sakshi needed as well. I have chosen an excellent young lady for you. Virender takes a gander at him in stun. Mother says we are setting off to the lady of the hour’s home tomorrow to fix the union.

Mahesh tells his family that the husband to be’s family will come tomorrow to conclude the partnership. Priyu asks Purvi in the event that she addressed Vipul. Purvi says it wont change anything now. You can have a lot of chaat as well. She leaves tragically.

Virender pardons himself.

Priyu enlightens Purvi to think concerning herself. It is about your life. Purvi answers that it is about her whole family. I can even forfeit my life for it.

Savant ji calls everybody for the aarti. Virender does the aarti. Purvi comes there also. I will get into a decent partnership. Invigorate me to live it sincerely. Virender thinks this connection is simply because of his impulse. Nobody can have Sakshi’s spot. He hands over the aarti thaal to his sibling and tells his Mama he will go along with them at the lodging. Purvi disappears too.

Purvi reveals to her mom to return home. I will light a diya and get back home. Her mom is worried as it is late however Purvi guarantees her she will be fine.

Virender is sitting close the ghaat. Purvi comes there with a plate brimming with diya’s. She leaves them individually in water. Virender apologizes to Sakshi. I am thoroughly taking care of your purpose. Purvi appeals to Ganga Maiyya. I don’t need a single thing from this wedding. Simply favor me that I can give a similar regard to my parents in law that I provide for my folks. She slips into water while turning. Virender spares her. She ponders who it very well may be. Virender’s chain stalls out in Purvi’s chain. They figure out how to unwind it. Virender is stunned to acknowledge it is her. it would appear that you need to kick the bucket. You got before my vehicle first and now you were attempting to suffocate here. she clarifies that she fell in water. He inquires as to whether she is a monkey. You continue bouncing and falling constantly. She is going to answer yet he advises her to hush up. Try not to come before me once more. He asks that she never comes before him again. Purvi petitions God for something very similar.

Precap: Purvi is indicated another person’s pic for marriage. Virender and Purvi get hitched. They are stunned to see each other in the mandap.

Molki Starting Date / Repeat Telecast Timings

Show nameMolkki
ChannelColors TV and Voot
Produced ByBalaji Telefilms
Start Date16th November 2020
Telecast TimeMon-Fri at 10:00 PM
Repeat Telecast TimeMon-Fri at 10:30 AM

Written Update

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MolkiCast / Real Names

Sr No.Role NameReal NameRole
1PurviPriyal MahajanVirendra’s wife
2Thakur Virendra Pratap SinghAmar UpadhyayMukhiya / Sarpanch
3SavitaMeena MirrPurvi’s mother
4SudhaKajal ChauhanPurvi’s friend
5Prakashi DeviSupriya ShuklaVirendra’s stepmother
6Bhim MamaAbhay BhargavaVirendra’s uncle
7BanjaranMuskan SayedCameo
9NaveenShivam KhajuriaPriyu’s lover
10AnjaliShraddha JaiswalYogi’s wife
11JuhiAnushka SharmaVirendra’s daughter
12VipulNaveen SharmaPurvi’s friend
13—–Ved BhardwajPurvi’s father
14YogiTushar KawaleVirendra’s brother
Dhwani GoriiPurvi’s sister
16DubbuVyon MehtaPurvi’s brother
17Kanji BhaiSanjay SwarajMolki agent

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