Molkki 16th March 2021 Written Update

Prakashi gets some information about Purvi. She ought to have gotten back home with you. Where right? Virender answers that she is appreciating the gathering. She isn’t missing home or the children even at this hour. His eyes are watery. She dint have some good times at the gathering or with her companions so I returned alone. Prakashi says it is alright. She may have 2 children yet she is youthful as well. She will be home soon. Try not to chasten her. Virender heads higher up. Prakashi says you ought to long even more. I will cause you to feel outrage, longing, vulnerability and a lot more comparative feelings. Become acclimated to it now. You are in this condition in view of one thing that I did today. See what I will do straightaway!

Karan and Naina are drinking. Naina says just 50% of the work is finished. He says we should finish the rest. He turns off the lights and getsSudha drops Purvi home. Purvi expresses gratitude toward her for dropping her home. I will battle with Mukhi ji and ask him for what reason he left without me. He isn’t in any event, picking my telephone. Sudha gestures. Purvi advises her to drop a book once she is home.

Purvi thumps at the entryway yet Virender is lost in his considerations. She even shouts to him yet to no end. She makes certain there is something however. He has never done this. I surmise the entryway will open in the first part of the day. I will lay down with the children around evening time. Prakashi is watching her. Mukhi has shut the entryway of his room today. Every one of the ways to this haveli and every one of the methods of arriving at Mukhi’s heart will close for her very soon. I will ensure it will happen pronto!

Next morning, kids shower flower petals on Purvi as she awakens and wish her hello. They give her kisses. She asks them what occurred. They give her a card. She contemplates whether they accomplished something underhanded in the first part of the day. Manas decays. We have arranged something. Juhi shushes him. They take her first floor and wish her glad birthday. Whole house is enriched with blossoms, lights and inflatables. Prakashi gives her Prasad as she wishes her glad birthday. We host coordinated a major get-together for you. What do you need as a blessing? Purvi says your approval is sufficient for me. Prakashi figures I will revile you so that my child’s spirit will be in harmony. Purvi says Kroor Singh is angry with me. Where is the fun without him? Prakashi says you will placate him. Purvi says thanks to her. Visitors will begin not far off. Purvi says thanks to her and heads higher up. Prakashi thinks I am hanging tight for evening as there will be nothing left in your life then.Virender is pacing in his room irately. He can’t quit considering what he saw the previous evening. He likewise reviews Purvi’s words about who she may cherish. Purvi is on her way. Virender tosses things furiously similarly as she enters. She asks him for what valid reason he is so furious. I have been attempting to converse with you since the previous evening. Accomplished something upset you? You let me be in the gathering the previous evening and dint even pick my call. You dint even open the entryway when I returned home the previous evening. I wound up staying in bed children’s room. For what reason would you say you are furious with me? He says it is you who left the gathering the previous evening. Where did you go and with whom? Purvi is going to disclose to him when she reviews Naina causing her to swear against it. Virender advises her to respond to him. She lies that juice fell on her dress the previous evening. I went to change the dress. I’m sorry I was unable to advise you. Virender asks her where she went. Purvi says young lady’s inn. He applauds her. Children come running all of a sudden. They request that Baba wish haathi. Dadi has likewise kept a gathering in the evening. Purvi advises them to leave it alone. Your Baba hasn’t wished me. He is furious with me as well. They demand him and Virender says congrats to Purvi furiously. Virender leaves. Purvi apologizes to Virender intellectually.

I would have come clean with you if not for your swear. I couldn’t ever have deceived you. I’m certain you should feel off-kilter without me in the gathering. The most effective method to mollify him as even I wont find a sense of contentment till then?Purvi wears the accessory that Virender had skilled her. I haven’t worn it till date. His annoyance is escaping. He will be glad to see it. Children request that Purvi come ground floor quickly. Visitors have begun coming and everybody is hanging tight for you. She fixes her neckband close to Virender to grab his eye. Juhi inquires as to whether they battled once more. They deny. Juhi advises Virender to wish Purvi cheerful birthday and embrace her as quickly as possible. He agrees. He is as yet contemplating the previous evening while Purvi is grinning. Manas advises them to clasp hands while diving steps. Juhi says I will make video as well. Virender discloses to them it isn’t required however Juhi demands. I will show it to my companions as well. Kindly do it for us. PUrvi holds Virender’s arm.

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