Molkki 12 March 2021 Written Update

Anjali asks Purvi for what valid reason she is harming her. Purvi says you have acted mischievously. You planted that video of me and Karan and erased the first video. Anjali says I dint do anything. I don’t know anybody by that name. I haven’t seen this toy. For what reason would you say you are accusing me dishonestly?

Quit envisioning things. Purvi says I saw it with my own eyes. Anjali says you saw blood blemishes on the divider and dead crows on the floor. Nothing ended up being valid however. Virender and Ma would have seen it too if what you are saying is valid. There was no lady there! She advises Bhuri to bring cold water for Purvi. Purvi yells that she saw every one of those things. They are not a falsehood. Virender says they ended up being bogus however. Epi closes on Purvi’s concerned face. Read More….

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