Molkki 10th February 2021 Written Updates

Children demand laying down with Virender and Purvi this evening. They get inside the bed. Manas says haathi will lay down with us on the bed. Virender denies. Babbar Sher dozes alone. Nobody is permits to lay down with Babbar Sher. The children decline. Purvi demands him to allow them to rest here. Children say we wont let anybody rest in the event that we aren’t permitted to rest here. Virender yields.

They all rests to rest. Priyu reviews the assistant enlightening him regarding redesign going in that room. There should be something here due to which I can save myself from Vaibhav. She discovers rope and ties it on the fan. Purvi says kids are snoozing. I will rest on the floor now. Virender offers to do it rather however the children begin muttering once more.

They yield. Priyu opens the entryway. Vaibhav strolls in and Priya exhausts a paint container on him. He takes off his garments and flinches in torment. I wont save you. She takes his garments and bolts him inside. Priya packs their stuff and leaves right away. Vaibhav tears open the entryway yet the room is unfilled. She fled with my garments, wallet and everything! Read More…..

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