Molkki 1 March 2021 Written Update

Purvi and Virender go to meet Priyu in prison. Purvi embraces her sister. It is safe to say that you are fine? I thought we lost you. Virender is somewhat calmed. Priyu says all is well. Purvi says Vaibhav revealed to us that you had a mishap. How could you endure? Priyu reveals to her beginning and end.

Priyu’s legal counselor says her activity was in self preservation. Anjali asks Bhuri when she is going to a spot. Bhuri says Purvi has an eye on her, she can’t. Anjali says that she needs to go currently regardless. In evening, Bhuri is heading off to some place. Purvi asks who is there. She goes to check. She sees a hand stamp with blood.

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