Kush To Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein 27 February 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Rehen escapes from the house while moving. Arnav says Rehan was here really at that time what befallen him abruptly and where he went. Sowmya thinks she likewise needs to realize that as it were. Rehan arrives at backwoods and shouts. Priya hears his voice and ponders from where this voice coming. He loses his control and attempts to assault her and she attempts to save herself from him. He was going to chomp her neck however he couldn’t capable do that and she loses her awareness. He considers what’s preventing him from assaulting her and says he is attempting to discover the wellspring of his forces yet why she is meddling in his life and says he would not like to lose her and he doesn’t have a clue why he is feeling like this.

He picks her and lays her on the bed and says he is doing this since she ought not recall that anything which happened around evening time. He attempts to kiss her and departures from that point. Sowmya gives her and Swati’s shopping rundown to Pam. Pam gets some information about her shopping. Sowmya says they are ladies not Pam. Arnav says he got his visa so he needs to leave one week from now. Pam says then his marriage needs to occur inside seven days.

In commitment party, Shashank prods Arnav. Mohit gets some information about Priya. She says Priya isn’t well so she is taking rest now. Sowmya asks Mohit that for what good reason he is drinking a ton today however he dodges her. Pam requests that Sowmya bring Rehan saying everybody hanging tight for him. Rageshwari arrives at that place again and says Rehan needs to slaughter Priya to turn out to be most impressive individual and he will execute her so she needs to save her regardless.

Sowmya gets stressed seeing Rehan and asks what’s going on with him. He says he additionally don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on with him and shows that note to her. She says it’s demonstrating the present date just and says appears as though something going to occur with him. He advises her to go first floor and guarantees her idiom nothing will happen to him. She cries embracing him. He advises her to focus on her commitment and she leaves the room.Priya awakens and discovers that Swati’s commitment happening today and reviews the previous episode and says Rehan is underhanded and she needs to save everybody from him. Rageshwari prevents her from going out saying Priya’s life is in peril not other’s life. She bolts her inside the room. Priya says she can open the entryway by utilizing her forces. Rageshwari requests that she guarantee her that she will not do that. She thinks today full moon day so today Rehan will attempt to drink Priya’s blood to get powers.

Aru reveals to Mini that today something exceptional going to occur so they ought to advise Anonymous group pioneer about it. Pam advises them to discover Rageshwari. Aru calls Anonymous group pioneer and illuminates about the strength of today. He asks something bizarre occurred for sure. They reveals to them that Rageshwari missing now and furthermore illuminates about Priya and her tattoo.Priya considers how to escape from the room without utilizing the powers.Rehan nails gets enormous and dark so he wears gloves.

Sowmya says Swati is Arnav’s first love and he never sees anybody aside from her. She asks Mohit that for what good reason he is drinking such a lot of today. He says it’s unique day for them so she should drink as well. Arnav says Rehan is here and prods him. He says they should begin ring service before he goes once more. Swati gets some information about Rageshwari. Rageshwari says she is here as it were. Rehan advises Sowmya to do the commitment straightaway. Arnav and Swati trade rings and everybody applauds them. Read More….

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