Kundali Bhagya 6 March 2021 Written Update

Preeta is neglecting the improvement when Kritika inquires as to whether he brought her desserts anyway she sends him away, Preeta asks what has happened when Kritika shouts how she was longing for desserts anyway there are none in the house and all the desserts are in the Parshad,

shouting that on the off chance that she had the chance to eat from the corner sweet shop, it would be truly helpful, Preeta shouts she can address it and afterward shows Kritika the Zomato application by which they can arrange the food as they have joined forces with the shops, she uncovers that the most amazing aspect is they mull over every single sterile advance,

she further shouts how they have home prepared food which is best for those understudies who come from different urban communities, Kritika likewise concurs shouting that it is truly cool. Zomato conveyance kid shows up, he calls Preeta Luthra, she accompanies Kritika and taking up the bundle, Kritika opening the case takes a chomp and takes the spoon towards Preeta yet then doesnot give her, she understands that she has not dressed so would surge back, Preeta likewise concurs asking that she ought to eat with no concern. Read More……

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