Kundali Bhagya 26th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Karan requests that she stop as he can’t bear when anybody deceives him, he leaves and takes up his pad when Preeta attempts to clarify how she would not like to lie however Karan specifies that and, after its all said and done she actually lied and furthermore shouts how in the event that trust whenever broken once, at that point it can’t be repaired so he leaves the room.

Karan strolls to the patio asking for what reason did Preeta needed to deceive her anyway he at that point asks why he got so furious with her since It was not an issue regardless of whether she lied since it was nothing to stress over, he gets stressed in light of the fact that he was so irate with her.

Karan rests on the rooftop when Mahira comes and she grasps his hand, he promptly sits up asking what is she doing on the rooftop, Mahira shouts of how she couldn’t rest however Karan reacts that he was dozing yet she woke him up. Mahira clarifies how she felt awful as he is in agony so she simply wants to facilitate his affliction, karan shouts that she can help him on the off chance that she wants, Mahira promptly asks how she can, Karan requests that she let him be when Mahira notice show she was trying to say it since she really focuses on him so leaves the rooftop.


Karan lies down thinking about the occasions which he went through with Preeta and the episodes that occurred between them both, Preeta accompanies a cover and is stunned to see him so she puts it over him and he promptly takes it up, Preeta considers how he gravely wants his help in any case in the event that she was asks him, at that point eh would deny it which is the reason she realizes that he is right, she is going to leave anyway sits close by considering he was consistently there for her the occasions she was in a tough situation, she begins rubbing his hair and nods off.

In the first part of the day karan awakens and gets stressed when he feels the hair all over, he eliminates the hair while Preeta is as yet resting and can’t take his eyes off her, he sits up in such a way that Preeta doesnot wake then he puts the cover on her while she is as yet dozing, Preeta at that point additionally awakens yet Karan turns away. Preeta sits shouting how she brought the cover for him yet doesnot know when she nodded off. Karan reacts that mindful isn’t simply by setting a cover, yet she ought to likewise tune in to what he is stating, he at that point leaves in any event, when she attempts to stop him.

Preeta stands believing that the two of them are concerned and she is additionally stressed for him anyway when he comes to know about reality with regards to Akshay then he would be with her, she considers advising him about the whole truth.

Sherlin and Mahira are both getting ready for the wedding when Sherlin is going to chance upon Preeta then she insults Preeta requesting that she move away from her as she has a ton of work and they don’t have the relaxation like her to rest for such a long time.

Mahira stops Preeta when the decorator comes getting some information about the beautifications on the entryway, Preeta orders him to utilize blossom however Mahira specifies how he should utilize reflect, Preeta gets stressed, Mahira clarifies how Karina gave her the obligation regarding the game plans in light of the fact that Preeta couldn’t satisfy the obligation which she readily took.

Preeta gets a call from Akshay who specifies that he couldn’t arrive at Kritika and she should give her the versatile, Preeta goes to the room of Kritika and Sherlin opens the entryway referencing that she never again is liable for the marriage and in the event that Akshay wants to chat with Kritika, at that point should approach her portable, Preeta specifies that he approached her portable anyway Sherlin ought to have approached her portable at that point closes the entryway.

Preeta inquires as to whether he has heard what Sherlin advised her, Akshay specifies how he simply wanted to understand what he said was followed up on, Preeta doesnot comprehend when Akshay makes reference to how he was the person who requested Karina to eliminate her from the obligations from masterminding their marriage and she ought not have interfered with him as she likewise realizes what has occurred among them both at that point ought not concern as Kritika is currently calling him anyway he doesn’t want to converse with her.

Preeta strolls in her room and is going to fall however Karan saves her, she shouts how she realizes that he would consistently save her, karan specifies that he would consistently save her yet in the event that she strolls on the way which he doesnot need her to, at that point would not have the option to save her.

Preeta attempts to clarify how she has something to show him however he isn’t intrigued then at last yields and when she is going to show him, Karina comes in the room inquiring as to whether he satisfied the obligations, she clarifies how he really focuses on Kritika which is the reason he represented her advantage in any case a few people don’t think about her, Karina says to Preeta how she has given Sherlin and Mahira the duty so she is presently free and on the off chance that she wishes, at that point should come down the stairs to the capacity as Kritika considers her sister in law so would feel pleasant, Karina additionally cautions her of not making any issue in the capacity at that point takes Karan with him.

Karan comes the corridor when his companion Jogi comes and the two of them welcome one another, karan acclaims Jogi saying a great deal in his commendation to which he begs Karan saying that he ought to likewise say this before Mahi.

Karan call Preeta when she likewise catchs Mahi, she says of how she is a taxi driver and that brought Jogi on the grounds that her fantasies are her desire and work as she is a taxi driver and brought him, Mahi inquires as to whether there is whatever is upsetting her, Preeta notice that she has a few concerns yet realizes that she would deal with it anyway is stressed that her connection may Karan stagger. Read More….

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