Kundali Bhagya 17 March 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Sristy educates Janki and Sarla regarding the confirmation they got against Prithvi. Preeta says Prithvi doesn’t merit Krithika so his marriage can’t occur with her. Sameer plays the projector. Sherlyn reviews her marriage which occurred with Prithvi. Kareena requests that they see reality. Preeta gets some information about the image and asks who is his better half. Rakhi inquires as to why he is remaining quiet. Kareena says she can hardly imagine how he was deluding them till now and asks when his first marriage occurred. Prithvi asks does Krithika additionally need to know the reality of this image like others since others’ opinion about him doesn’t make any difference for him.

Kareena requests that he converse with her and requests that he come clean. Rakhi says his actual face came before everybody and he doesn’t have the right to wed Krithika. Rishab says they can’t endure this in light of the fact that Prithvi deceived Krithika. Sameer says he will call the Police. Sristy says Prithvi was going to wed another young lady when he is a hitched man and it’s a wrongdoing. Prithvi says he didn’t perpetrate any wrongdoing and says he isn’t hitched man. Sristy says he is lying now. Prithvi requests that Krithika trust him and says everybody despises him and says he merits opportunity to demonstrate his guiltlessness.

Preeta says everybody simply getting some information about his first spouse yet he isn’t responding to it. He says Krithika would not like to know anything so he will not utter a word in this matter. Karan blows up hearing him and beats him. Rishab also assaults Prithvi. Sherlyn meddles and says they can’t beat Prithvi. Everybody stuns hearing her. Sherlyn says he is modest individual and says she was likewise against this marriage and says on the off chance that Rishab end up in prison, what will befall her and her youngster. She says she will rebuff Prithvi and falls on him and advises him to leave from that point.

Prithvi tells his mom that he will demonstrate his honesty soon and says nobody thought often about his mom and offended him in front her. Prithvi’s mom thinks now what will befall her child in light of the fact that Sherlyn’s face isn’t noticeable in the image so she got away without any problem. Prithvi asks does Krithika additionally thinks he hoodwinked her. He says his marriage simply occurred with her. Sarla says he didn’t address the inquiry yet. Mahesh says Prithvi looking at everything except for not addressing their single inquiry. Read More…..

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