Kundali bhagya December Written Update

Scene starts with Preeta arrives at the corridor and thinks now everybody dozing so nobody will become acquainted with that she is dozing here yet imagine a scenario where anybody awakens at 12 PM and sees her resting here particularly Mahira on the grounds that she will be the most joyful one in the event that she saw her dozing here. She implores God that nobody should know this particularly Rakhi and Dadi in light of the fact that they will feel terrible. She lays on the couch and covers herself with cushions.

Karan awakens and reviews Preeta’s reasons and says she didn’t had any desire to leave this room that is the reason she hauled Rakhi, Dadi what not. He says he is keen and she can’t trap him with her dumb reasons. He again reviews her reasons and leaves his room.

Kareena sees Preeta resting in the corridor while moving towards kitchen to get water and asks why she is dozing here in the event that Karan dozing in the room, at that point and says appears as though there is no couple connection between them saying its in reality uplifting news and leaves from that point. Karan comes there and attempts to wake Preeta saying on the off chance that anybody from their family observed her here, at that point it won’t look great.

She doesn’t awakens so he picks her and moves towards their room. He says he should drop her to deliver his retribution yet alters his perspective. She hears everything except for acts like she is resting still. He says she even increase part of weight. She blows up hearing him and runs towards their room. What’s more, he follows her and tosses cushion at her.

She tumbles down and he falls on her. He says today she is gleaming so a lot and was going to kiss her yet she gets up and goes into her room and bolts it from inside and instructs him to rest in the corridor. She says there is couch in the lobby and he can rest there serenely. He says she bamboozled him and advises her to open the entryway saying he needs to rest.

Later Kareena sees Karan dozing in the corridor and blows up on Preeta. She attempts to wake him and advises him to go to his room. He doesn’t awakens so she thinks to utilize this against Preeta later. Following day, Preeta wakes Karan. He advises her to laud him then just he will go with her to their room. She begins to laud him.

Sherlyn asks Mahira that what is she doing in the kitchen. Mahira says she needs to win everybody’s heart so thinking to make any dish to intrigue them. Sherlyn advises her to make whatever she can. Mahira says she doesn’t know cooking. She says Preeta is best in all things and intentionally offended Ramona infront of everybody on the off chance that this proceeds, at that point one day she may toss her out of the house as well.

Sherlyn says that won’t occur and she won’t let Preeta win once more. Preeta comes there and derides Sherlyn. She was getting ready tea and goes from that point saying Rakhi calling her. Sherlyn plans to ruin the tea. Mahira says she doesn’t know cooking yet she knows to ruin Preeta’s endeavors. Mahira was going to blend salt in tea yet Kareena sees that and inquires as to why Sherlyn didn’t halted her.

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