Kundali Bhagya 12 October 2020 Written Updates

Hey we see that Sarla sees Sherlyn and Mehra here and there. And there, on the other side, the holy one catches Sister and comes to know that she is Preeta’s sister. And further we see that Preeta gets very nervous on seeing Srishti there and tells Pawan not to digest her sister’s hurt and then who says that I did not try to hurt her in any way at all. After that Srishti goes to Preeta and opens her ropes and hugs her loudly. Pawan called Srishti and told her to be happy but Srishti says don’t take my name from your dirty mouth.

Kripa Mana says that now this marriage will be done in a good way because you are Preeta’s sister and she is from Prithvi to attend this wedding and he tells them to be ready for the grand wedding. Only Rita says that this marriage Ok bye-bye says that page is not even here then how can marriage happen and he says that page does not even know about marriage mantras because it is not the page that marries laughter on wind It comes.

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After that we see that Pawan angrily looks at Gabbar and slaps him.After that Gabbar also gets angry and starts speaking all the truth about Pawan and says that Pawan had told him that Bring the first page to yourself and I have done what he said and then I come down to do it. After that Sarla tells Rakhi that Preeta loves everyone and she is very respectful and after marriage she hopes for love and respect from Luthra and she has not kept any hope.

The letter he receives discusses the letter with him there and says that this handwriting is not of father and Luthra cannot do it and then he says that it can be Mehra’s work. And she asks Luthra to ask Preeta what she has done to her daughter and many say that it is Rakhi’s fault that she did not trust her father, Mehra again says that she did not trust him .

Sirsala speaks that all this is a lie and she asks why she had given Luthra as her daughter to enter the house if she wanted to leave and she is also holding Rakhi responsible for everything because she has a Preeta was not given a place as a daughter. After this, everyone says that you people are blaming Preeta for everything but why no one is raising a finger on Mehra when all is done by Mehra. And Rakhi tries to open her zodiac signs and tries to escape from the room.

Dadi then says that Rakhi is perfectly right in her place and Sarla is also right in her place. Rakhi leaves from there. Sherlyn Mehra chases her. Then Kareena says bring Sir Rakhi a lot but Rakhi still silent Because she respects him wholeheartedly and does not want to speak before him, when Luthra spoke against him, Rishabh was supporting Sarla and asking him to leave from there. Sarla says that she should not have been discharged. Why has she come here to join her daughter’s beat and she is standing at her Namaz’s house, so if someone has to leave the house, she will have to leave Mehra and Starts eating, Sikar gives him water, then we see that Rishabh takes Sarla with him and this is where the episode ends.

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