Kundali Bhagya 04 February Written update

Megha inquires as to whether Akshay is not kidding to which he says that he is not kidding and realizes that she isn’t that sort of young lady who stays with anybody in the evening anyway he has chosen to end the marriage with Kritika so wants an embrace and afterward specifies how he was just wedding Kritika on the grounds that his folks imagine that she is a decent young lady so would be useful for their family anyway he can presently don’t bear it so has chosen to end everything, Megha asks what he wants from her, Akshay answers that he just needs to unwind and she can get it going, she asks what blessing he has brought for her, Akshay takes out a parcel from the closet, Megha asks what has he brought for her to which she opens the crate anyway is stunned yet concurs when Akshay demands to she consents to wear it for him, Akshay sits when the room administration thumps

on the entryway, he asks him to likewise bring the liquor and ice, Sameer additionally quickly covers up so Akshay doesnot see him.

Sherlin is driving the vehicle when she stresses over what’s going on as she is tired at that point encourages Karina to initially call and affirm from Akshay and she concurs anyway Akshay clarifies how he is leaving with his family so she ought not send anybody with the Shugun, Karina accepts his untruths anyway Preeta says that she realizes Akshay is in the room of the lodging, Karina clarifies how she realizes that Akshay is a pleasant individual.

Sameer is glancing in the lodging when the administrator sees him and afterward coming to him, asks what he is doing glancing in the room, Sameer gets stressed so requests that he talk gently in any case the visitors would be grieved, the trough gets distraught so takes steps to call the police on the off chance that he doesnot come with no difficulty, Sameer at that point goes with him leaving Akshay in the room.

Preeta alongside the family arrive at the inn, she quickly says to the secretary that they want to go to room number 101, the assistant clarifies how she is mixed up as the room is vacant, Preeta gets stressed requesting that she check by and by as the issue is truly significant for them since she realizes Akshay has checked in the live with a young lady in any event, when he is going to be hitched to Kritika so in the event that she doesnot help them, at that point it would demolish the existence of Kritika, Karina stops her maxim how she ought not make a scene since she has a ton of work so would return to their home regardless of whether she chooses to remain, they all turn around when the assistant calls them, she is sorry referencing how she erroneously checked room 110 which is unfilled and Akshay has undoubtedly checked in the room 101 with a young lady, Kritika can’t bear the news so she promptly runs towards the room.Kritika and Preeta both continually thump on the entryway, Akshay is stunned to see them remaining in the corridor, Preeta asks on the off chance that he would not request that Kritika come inside in any event, when she came to meet him, Akshay emerges from the room clarifying how he would accompany them as his room is totally wrecked on the grounds that he doesnot need them to see his room, Preeta hurries into the room when Akshay asks what she is doing, Kritika likewise questions where the young lady is.

Kritika additionally taking up the glass inquires as to for what reason did he begin drinking in any event, when he vowed to never drink, Preeta begins looking through the room when Akshay goes to Karina referencing how she confides in him and ought not speculate him now as he needs her trust the most, he clarifies how he didn’t utter a word in any event, when Preeta blamed him yet this has gotten way crazy and he can not longer bear the disgrace, Preeta yells at him requesting that he not falsehood since they realize that a young lady checked in the lodging with him on the grounds that the assistant advised them, she addresses where he has concealed the young lady when they hear somebody in the washroom.

Preeta quickly hurries to the washroom asking the individual inside to come out anyway Akshay attempts to shield himself by saying that he is separated from everyone else, Kritika begs him to not lie since they realize he was with somebody, she requests that he acknowledge reality as his untruths have begun to torment him intellectually which she can’t bear any longer, Rakhi shouts that they will end the connection at this given second since they can’t wed Kritika with somebody like him, Rakhi clarifies how they have come to realize that he is definitely not a decent individual, Rakhi clarifies how they have come to realize that he is with a young lady in the lodging and acts however he isn’t actually a decent individual, Akshay requests that she trust him and ought not accuse him, Karina requests that Rakhi not accuse Akshay as he isn’t been demonstrated liable till now.Rakhi specifies how she isn’t the mother of Kritika yet has cherished her simply like a mother so they can’t allow Kritika to wed somebody who is a liar, Sherlin requests that she not be so critical as they should initially see who is in the washroom, Preeta asks the room administration to come and open the washroom and they open the washroom referencing how it gets stuck.

Shristhi arrives at the inn when the secretary seeing the administrator clarifies that he referenced his sweetheart would come so she will permit her to go into his cabin.Preeta enters the washroom with the family anyway they can’t discover any young lady there, Akshay shouts how he referenced that he was distant from everyone else yet at the same time they wouldn’t trust him, Preeta requests that he not lie as she probably is aware he was with a young lady in the lodging, Akshay’s folks additionally go to the room and his mom promptly accuses Preeta saying how she began to confide in her anyway with what she is doing now they accept that the connection can’t endure, Karina gets strained so she quickly hurries to them saying ‘sorry’ for their misstep shouting how they had been mixed up. Akshay shouts how he would get hitched, Preeta denies saying that it would not occur on the grounds that she will demonstrate his genuine face before the whole family, Karina tosses the pack of Preeta requesting her to take off from the house until her girl gets hitched, she arranges her to remain at her moms house.

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