Kundali Bhagya 01 February 2021 Written Update

Preeta is in the lobby, Karan comes expressing gratitude toward her referencing how he enjoyed how she has helped everybody in the corridor, Preeta inquires as to whether he is glad to which he specifies then he inquires as to whether she has anything to say, Preeta is going to say when Kritika comes and promptly embraces her referencing how she can’t accept the unexpected which she has given in any event, saying that each one of those individuals who couldn’t go to her capacities have seen it in the photographs and she feels that her sister in law is the best when Karan additionally says that this is the thing that he was saying to Preeta that she is the awesome, at that point gets a call so leaves them.

Karina comes to them referencing how Preeta has made issues in every single capacity anyway she was happy to perceive how Preeta helped her girl in the capacity and she is happy notwithstanding

this doesnot imply that Preeta would get back the duties regarding the capacities as Mahira and Sherlin would in any case have the duty, she shouts how she accepts that Preeta would not make any issue from now into the foreseeable future, she encourages Kritika to accompany her as she needs to show her a jewelry, Kritika leaves subsequent to embracing Preeta and furthermore shouting the amount she cherishes her. Preeta is as yet stressed, pondering where the photographs which they took from Ruchika’s home went as she was going to show them in the capacity.

Akshay requests that the driver stop, his mom asks where he is going, he answers how he needs to satisfy a significant conference as he can’t quit working even after he is hitched, he escapes the vehicle while his folks take off from for the house.

Shristhi is in her room, Sameer is stressed over her so calls to ask on the off chance that she is okay, Shristhi inquires as to whether he has ever seen a mother who is a guard, Sameer is concerned when she clarifies that it is her mom as she has closed her window with little boards of wood when she didn’t acknowledge her orders, she doesnot realize what to do, Sameer requests that she quiet down as he will give her the apparatuses and she can open and close the window any time she satisfies, Shristhi concurs when unexpectedly the charging on Sameer’s portable closures, Shristhi doesnot acknowledge saying a ton of things anyway when she comes to realize then gets truly irate asking why everybody doesnot tune in to anything that she needs to say.

Akshay arrives at the Luthra house, getting down on Preeta to come, she inquires as to for what reason did he come in any event, when she wouldn’t meet him, Kritika likewise comes and embraces Akshay clarifying how he has come for a unique explanation and it is to drink the mango milkshake which she makes, Kritika requests that he come inside anyway he demands savoring it the open, Preeta additionally turns around with Kritika, Akshay stops her shouting that on the off chance that he is separated from everyone else everybody would consider him a criminal, Kritika leaves, Preeta remarks how Akshay attempts to go about as though he is an honest individual however is truly terrible, Akshay additionally remarks how Preeta is truly cunning which is the reason she has attempted to uncover his actual face yet has flopped every single time. Read more…..

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