kumkum Bhagya 5 October 2020 Written Update

kumkum Bhagya 5 October 2020 Written Update

Next we will see that Ranbir interrogates Pragya about Prachi and then Pragya says that her blood has gone out too much, so she will have to arrange blood for him as soon as possible and her magic blood is not available here too soon. Blood will have to be brought in the match as early as possible. Ranvir says that he will talk to them, after that the nurse comes there and says that I have got blood and the doctor says that if Prachi does not feel conscious even after applying blood then tell his family That your patient has gone into a coma.

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After that, the driver with whom Prachi had an accident, he senses and Ranbir asks him why you had an accident with Prachi. After that Gaya asks her whose hand is behind this incident, then tell me all the truth. After that the people become conscious and she feels something and informs Ranbir about it, after that Pragya Ranbir and Aryan She sends out and she asks who planned the accident with my daughter. I need complete information about this. After that Nilesh says that I don’t know anything about this, then Pragya says if this happens to your daughter What would you have done?

After that Nilesh says that the accident has been planned and he did not want to do all this but he had no other option because his mother was ill and I was in need of money that is why we planned it but we all I did not know that this is going to happen to Prachi, Mr. Pragya tells him to tell everything truthfully, then Nilesh says that the person who has made all this plan is Riya Mehra and he has this plan to get it killed Pragya was shocked to hear this and Nilesh reveals that Riya has done all this and that she is responsible for this condition. Then Nilesh says that if you do not believe what I say, then you guys can check my SMS and call and he can check his s.m.s. Pragya gets the call checked and she is convinced.

Pragya then goes away from there remembering some of her old memories with Riya, then Pragya feels that I had considered Riya as her daughter but she has done this to me and acted so much to snatch Prachi from me. After that, Ranbir asks Pragya if the truck driver told something to whom he has done all this. Pragya goes away from there and nobody gives her an answer, after which Aryan tells her that maybe the truck driver I did not tell anything, that’s why Pragya is not telling us.

In the same way, Riya and Prachi see again. Similarly, Alia tells her on the phone that you come home after giving blood. Riya tells him that I was about to give blood, that blood was already received, it is good for me because I do not want to give him anything, I do not know what is the relationship between Prachi and Dad. Because Prachi and Dad’s blood is matching with each other.

Suhana says that Riya knows everything about it. Pragya asks what. Sahana tells Pragya that I met Riya and she was saying that our relationship with the woman and the Mohali family is going to be broken because Prachi will not be a horror. Sarita thinks about what Sapna ji says about her condition. Similarly Sahana tells her that she might have been informed by the doctor .. Pragya asks Sahana where Riya is. It tells her that she is sitting near the bench. Pragya departs from the great.

Ranveer questions Nilesh who makes him an accident. He tells him that I told you that I want to leave the village for my mother, so leave me before Pius is arrested. Nilesh cuts Ranveer’s hand and runs away. Ayaan and chases him. This is how the episode ends.

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