Kumkum Bhagya 28 January 2021 Written update

The Episode begins with Abhi asking Pragya where was the shooter? infront of vehicle or along the edge. Pragya takes a gander at the shooters pointing weapon at them. She says they are behind. Abhi takes a gander at them and says he is feeling desirous to see them behind her. He considers the shooters to come and afterward tosses the stones on them. They begin shooting. Abhi requests that Pragya run. They run while the shooters run behind them. Meera argues infront of Aaliya and says I ask infront of you. Aaliya requests that she get out. She shuts the entryway and goes to Pallavi, says Servants are here to unburden their obligations, and says in the event that we cause them to sit on our heads, at that point they become trouble. Meera cries remaining external the house.

Pragya’s foot turns and she quits running. Abhi causes her to sit and checks her foot, says your foot got bent. Pragya says we will run. Abhi says your injury will increment. Pragya says I will consider it when I am alive. Abhi says you are not of a similar age now. Pragya says whatever my age be, I won’t let my suhaag’s age gets less. Tune plays… .He takes a gander at her. Pragya says I can’t bear to lose you. Abhi says when you love me so much, at that point why my adoration gets less. He says I can not give my life as I love you so much and can’t chance to pass on.

She says she didn’t feel that they need to pursue marriage. Abhi inquires as to whether she has a similar load as before for lifting her. Pragya says in the event that something happens to you, at that point I will lift you. Abhi requests that she lift him, yet she can’t move him. He requests that she pick a finger. She picks a finger. He says you have won and lifts her, to begin strolling. They thump on an entryway. The old fellow and his significant other open the entryway. The person asks who right? Abhi requests that they ask how are they and get inside, shuts the entryway. He says his better half got her foot harmed. The old person’s better half make Pragya sit. The shooters come there and search for them.

Meera is leaving and considers Rhea, Abhi and Pragya. She figures she was unable to give them more, however feeling harmony to get make Krishna meet his Rukmani. She thinks this is sufficient for her satisfaction and appeals to God for their lives with their girls.

Rhea reveals to Ranbir that today she needs to wed him, today itself. Ranbir says not today, as he gets strained seeing Pandit ji. He says we need elderly folks’ endowments for it. Rhea says today she is feeling sentimental. Ranbir says no, how might it be sentimental day infront of the sanctuary. She sees Baljeet Dadi and Sarita behen and tells that today is the day of reckoning for her. She calls Balwinder Dadi, when Ranbir keeps his hand on her mouth. Dadi says Rhea. Ranbir conceals Rhea. Dadi and Sarita behen don’t see them. Sarita behen says we will take a quick trip and see the recently marries. Ranbir discloses to Rhea that he shrouded her so Dadi don’t think about Aryan and Palak’s marriage. Rhea says alright and tells that she will prepare for her marriage. Pandit ji figures Ranbir can’t deny this young lady too. Rhea goes to prepare with Palak.

Abhi and Pragya advise everything to the old couple. Abhi says we need to remain here for few hours until the shooters go. The old person won’t allow them to remain here. His significant other takes him to converse with him.

Tai ji comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to address them. Tai ji says it is acceptable that you have shown Meera out as she would have uphold Pragya. She reminds her how Pragya made them dance on her tune. Aaliya says I will retaliate and will battle until I kick Pragya and her little girl.

Prachi trusts that Palak’s folks have concurred. She says I wish that concur for the marriage cheerfully. Shahana thinks Rhea is there and I can’t educate you concerning my strain. Prachi says she will go out. Shahana says you are the lady and that is the reason can’t go out. She at that point says you are lady’s house keeper and that is the reason can’t go. Rhea hears Prachi talking. Palak removes her from that point and says she is my cousin, we will go from here. Prachi hears Rhea’s voice. Shahana says Rhea isn’t here and says in the event that you stay here, at that point it will be an issue for Palak. The old woman requests that her better half let them stay inside. He says they are not our children. The old woman Ratna that they will allow them to remain here. He says our child stayed away forever to us, and got even hitched. She says he feels embarrassed to call us as our folks. The old woman says we will allow them to remain here. The shooters go to the elderly person’s home and inquire as to whether they saw a fellow and his better half. The elderly person and his better half will not see them. The shooters tell that they will look through them in the town. The elderly person says something awful will occur with them.

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