Kumkum Bhagya 23 February 2021 Written Update

In the Kumkum Bhagya February 23 scene, Pragya calls Purab and illuminates him that she’s carried Abhi to the emergency clinic. Purab requests that she give him the location and furthermore reveals to her that they’ve been discovering them for such a long time however to no end. Subsequent to hearing this, Aliya discloses to Purab that Pragya was never useful for the family and that her essence consistently makes issues for her sibling. She further calls her an awful lady and soon Purab lashes out at Aliya for utilizing cruel words. Sarita and Baljit likewise illuminate Aliya to keep shut and take care of the more significant things right now.

Before long, they all arrive at the emergency clinic and the medical attendant educates Purab that Abhi’s condition is basic. A broke Pragya asks why somebody needs to execute her better half. She separates her bangles and cries in agony. Then, Rhea reaches the emergency clinic with her companion, Mitali. She gets some information about everything and separates in the wake of seeing her dad oblivious. Aliya advises Rhea that there’s nothing to stress over and that things will be fine soon.

Subsequent to seeing her dad’s condition, Mitali and she get some information about Abhi’s wellbeing. Afterward, they additionally can’t help thinking about why Pragya is absent from the medical clinic, uninformed of the way that the thugs are still looking for her. Aaliya thinks this is the correct chance to fill in Rhea’s ears. She educates Rhea that it’s all Pragya’s arrangement. She adds that she didn’t need him to wed Meera, yet since he was going to, she got married to Abhi to render retribution.Read More….

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