Kumkum Bhagya 21th January 2021 Written update

The Episode begins with Prachi asking Shahana where did she go? Shahana shows the dress and tells that it is for her. Prachi says this resembles a marriage dress. Shahana says Palak needs you to wear this dress for tying ghatbandhan to her. Prachi says she won’t do the ghatbandhan and requests that she decline Palak. Shahana says she is your companion, proceed to deny her. Prachi requests that she come. Shahana requests that she come. A person (might be Digvijay) calls a fellow and requests that he meet him. Pragya is still in transit in the vehicle and considers Abhi. She requests that driver drive the vehicle quick. Driver says challan will be cut. Pragya requests that he stop the vehicle. He stops the vehicle. She requests that he get down. Driver gets down. Pragya sits on the driver’s seat and advises that she needs to go to Ram sita mandir and stop her better half’s

marriage. She says I am vulnerable and requests that he take the auto and come. Driver requests that she get down. Pragya says sorry, in the event that you need, at that point can sit in the vehicle. He sits in vehicle. Pragya begins driving. He requests that she drive moderate. Abhi expresses gratitude toward Purab and discloses to Meera that she is coming. He wears turban and sits with Meera for the marriage.

A person goes ahead the bicycle to meet the person in the vehicle. The vehicle rider gives him a major weapon box. The biker requests that whom give such extraordinary treatment. The vehicle rider shows Abhi’s pic and says he is in Ram Sita Mandir and gives the development cash. The person/shooter takes a gander at the rifle and says goodness.

Prachi comes to Palak. Palak says I didn’t do anything and tells that it was Jai, Ranbir and Aryan’s arrangement. She says Shahana is additionally included. She says everybody is causing me to do coercively, I have nothing to do with the dress and says this isn’t my marriage. Ranbir comes there and requests that Palak prepare for the marriage. Prachi says Palak revealed to me everything. Driver requests that Pragya drive moderate. Pragya asks him not to occupy her, else she will hit somebody accidentally. She hits the bicycle rider/sharp shooter and he tumbles down. She gets down from the vehicle and apologizes to the person. She tells that she is in a rush else she would have taken him to the medical clinic. The person removes his protective cap and reveals to Pragya that even he is in a rush. Pragya sees weapon in the container when she attempts to help him, however he cannot. Pragya thinks who is this person who has firearm. Ranbir asks what did Palak say? Prachi tells whatever Palak has advised her. Palak says I have nothing to do with the dress. Shahana says Pandit ji gave dress and requested that the young lady wear it, who ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says yes. Aryan inquires as to why everybody is so terrified of Prachi and says I came here to go to the marriage. Prachi says I need to do the rasam and consents to it. Aryan goes behind Pandit ji. Ranbir takes a gander at Prachi and goes.

Pallavi says she didn’t see such a lady and says first she left her family and now she needs to return to Abhi. She says when Abhi needs to wed Meera, at that point what’s up, he has option to do this. Vikram asks will I remarry? Do I have the right? Beeji asks what are you saying? Vikram says I won’t wed as I love Pallu. He tells that Abhi loves Pragya more than I love Pallavi. He says I know him, he is my companion and tells that he takes Pragya’s name ordinarily in a day. He says whatever happened is a direct result of Rhea and Prachi. He asks do you recall what she did prior to conceding in the medical clinic. Pallavi contends with him. Aaliya comes and gets some information about Purab, inquires as to whether anybody realizes where did Bhai and Meera go? She says Bhai informed Purab regarding the sanctuary name, however didn’t advise me. She goes to chide the person. Pallavi inquires as to whether Abhi will stop the marriage if Pragya attempts? Vikram says yes.

Abhi thinks about Aaliya’s words, how he deceived Pragya to state that she has endorsed on the papers. The shooter arrives at the mountain and takes out the firearm. Prachi arrives at the sanctuary. Abhi says Pragya has come and requests that Pandit ji start. The Pandit ji requests that Abhi and Meera grasp the festoons for the laurel rasam. Pragya comes there… Abhi is going to make Meera wear the festoon. Pragya requests that he stop. Abhi says I can wed infront of you, you have marked the legal documents and asks Pandit ji and Meera not to stop. He trades wreath with Meera and requests that Pandit ji start the rounds. Pragya says I will see, how you finishes the rounds and tosses water on the havan fire. Aaliya reprimands the safety officers. Guard says she has just pushed the door and entered inside. Aaliya figures marriage probably began at this point. The person calls the sharp shooter and requests that he shoot Abhi. The shooter figures he would have shoot Abhi at this point. Abhi says you have made the havan kund set off. Pragya says the fire will be set off who turns into the observer of some unacceptable marriage. Abhi says this marriage will occur, on the off chance that not here, at that point elsewhere. Pragya says our marriage is for 7 births and tells that even 1 birth isn’t passed.

Abhi says marriage finished with only 1 sign and you are discussing it. Pragya says I have endorsed as I suspected it was property papers. Abhi says what? You have done this for property. Pragya says I accomplished for my girl and tells that Aaliya got Prachi grabbed and requested that I sign on the property papers. She asks what you would have done in the event that you was on my place. Abhi says I would have perused the papers and says you might have perused being the instructor. Pragya says my little girl was at firearm point. Abhi says be with your little girl and allowed us to live with harmony. He says when you have gotten back to me, individuals will feel that you have returned for property. Pragya asks do you imagine that I have returned for property. He requests that she tell the explanation behind her return and requests that Pandit ji start the marriage, discloses to Meera that they will do the rounds. Pragya asks would you truly like to wed. He inquires as to for what reason do you need me not to wed? Pragya says since I love you… and says I love you like I used to adore you previously and says on the off chance that you wed another person, at that point my life will be destroyed.

The shooter is going to shoot him. He says you advised that you need to dispose of me. Pragya says I was irate and cries. He requests that how trust you, as you are as yet irate. Pragya asks do you need evidence, don’t you confide in me and my emotions. She inquires as to whether affections for me finished and tells that neither his inclination nor her adoration finished. Abhi requests that how trust you? Pragya says I was in blame for my entire life and says I lament for isolating my little girls. She says she comprehended that she ought to have comprehend his indignation as he is difficult, yet my annoyance lighted. She says I missed you and expectation that we will meet. I love you so much and will cherish you generally. Read full……