Kumkum Bhagya 21 September 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21 September 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya:- In Kumkum Bhagya you will be shown that Maya’s father asks Pandit to recite the mantra from the beginning. That’s when the Pandits start reciting the mantra. Then the pandit says that the mahamantra cannot be read further, until the bridegroom’s father comes and the bridegroom does not combine the bride. That’s when his father moves forward. But Dushyant Singh stops Maya’s great father. They say that you do not know what we have decided, will Mr. Mehra, the cut monkey of our daughter Maya, do it.

Then he puts a Gan on his forehead and says that we will do this alliance. Then I have to come together and combine it. While investing in the alliance, he says with investment that you do not worry, I will not let this marriage happen. But Ranveer does not want his marriage to stop at all. After that you will see that Mr. Sehra messes up some man and says how much time it will take you to come here. They say we will take 5 minutes.

You will see that Pragya has been doing something in her mobile on the road at night. That’s why Madan is moving very fast in front of him. Suddenly his mobile falls into the car. So Madan starts picking up his mobile. But I often see that a woman is coming forward. That is when I apply the brakes at a very fast rate. But I am very scared.

You will see that she calls Sarta aunty on mobile. She asks him where you are and says that you also know how tense I am. And she says why didn’t you pick up my call. Sarita tells him that I have come in 1 hour to help someone, that is why I could not pick up your call due to being busy with some work. Then I tell him that it does not matter. You make me talk to Prachi, then she excuses Natwar and disconnects the phone.

On the other side you will see that I have pain, after defeating the groom, comes to his base and also brings 27 of his goons, binds Maya and Riya tightly. That is when the two goons tie Aria and Maya with a rope on a chair. That’s why the goons say that we have to kill one of these two. I think who has to kill whom and who should not kill, do not give this photo, Madam.

Only then you will see that Madan sends a message to Idea, I say that I am stuck in a very big confusion, who is to die and who is to be kept alive, and I say that I would video call you to let it go Hoon but Alia is unable to take his call due to being busy in marriage. Suddenly, Riya senses there and she listens to Madan. Riya forces her hand like this and Riya pretends to faint for a chance to escape from there.

You will see that Sahana and Aryan are trying to bring Rahul into consciousness. You will see that Alia reads Madan’s message in Mandak. Only then you will see that she makes a video call to him so that he can tell who to kill and who to keep alive. Only then will you see that Aaliya hears Aryan and Suhana’s voice and reaches them both.

Rent says Ayan who is it? Then the dimension tells him that this is Maya’s boyfriend Rahul and if he goes to the pavilion and tells the truth of his love there, then his marriage can be broken, that’s why we are trying to bring it to our senses. After this, Aaliya gets a video call of Madan and she picks up his video call and goes to talk to him on the side ignoring all the things. When Aaliya goes to another room, Madan tells her that you show me in the video call what two girls you kidnapped and you tell me who you want to kill, and who to keep alive.

And when Madan goes to show her the video call too, reya injures him by hitting him with a piece of glass. And after that Riya escapes from there and Madan puts her men behind her that she can be caught early and in the meantime Maya also senses and she thinks that Prachi has kidnapped me. After that Maya tries to escape from there but Madan catches her there and Riya manages to escape.

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On the other hand, Mehra gets the message that all the people who had called Mehra there have reached there. After this, Mehra and Vikram go to meet the summoned people, only then Maya’s father realizes that there is definitely a conspiracy going on in Mr. Mehra’s mind, when Mehra meets with his summoned people. Mehra gives them two guns and both Vikram and Mehra take one gun each.

Kumkum Bhagya

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