Kumkum bhagya 15th January 2021 Written update

Scene begins with Shahana compasses to home and discloses to Prachi that Palak may kick the bucket in the event that they won’t reach on schedule and she takes Prachi without noting her appropriately. In transit Ranbir reveals to Raj that he will assist him with getting his affection, they stop the vehicle and takes palak with them. Dadi feels aggravated. Abhi comes ground floor. Vikram says he is solid.

Abhi requests that Dadi favor him. Dadi says her heart isn’t in acceptable condition to favor him. Pandit requests that they get lady of the hour as well so Groom and lady can perform Pooja. Tai says Meera isn’t in her room. Aliya requests that Mitali bring Meera. Dadi stops her and tells Meera may left from house subsequent to hearing my scoldings that 3lifes going to destroy with this marriage and I anounced that I will detest her eternity so seems like she disappeared.

Aliya reproves Dadi for halting the wedding. Abhi says Meera didn’t go anyplace in light of the fact that I chatted with her couple of moments previously. Aliya says Bhai believes Meera and he will be content with her. Dadi requests that she search Meera. Abhi embraces Dadi and gets some information about Ranbir. Pallavi goes to call him. Abhi and Purab approaches Dadi to converse with her.

Ranbir says I feel frightened of Prachi response consider the possibility that she establishes Palak causing me. Raj says until than you will get hitched to Prachi. Palak inquires as to whether not Prachi and tells that she really like him. Ranbir says he cherishes just Prachi than he gets call from Pallavi and she asks where he.

Ranbir says he will wed than changes sentence saying he is coming to Chief marriage and going to get blessing. Pallavi requests that he come soon. Rhea cries thinking she going to free Ranbir if Abhi weds Meera. Meera looks for Rhea and draws close to store room before she notice Rhea, Aliya takes Meera with her and asks what’s she looking. Meera says how she acted discourteously with Rhea and says she is looking through Rhea.

Aliya says I persuaded Rhea and she is arranging something for you and Abhi with Ranbir and Aryan. Aliya thinks she scorn everything which is identified with Pragya and she considers Pragya and ridicules her than approaches her to come for wedding soon in light of the fact that she needs to observe her tears. Pragya says she is on way and cuts the call.

Abhi advises to Dadi that Meera is with him on his arrangement. Dadi inquires as to for what reason didn’t she advise him previously. Abhi says it might bombed my arrangement, do you need it to be pass or come up short. Dadi says pass. Aliya brings Meera first floor. Dadi statements of regret to Meera for her conduct. Meera says she didn’t feel terrible. Aliya goes than Dadi embraces Meera and expresses gratitude toward her for aiding Abhi. Purab says don’t grin in any case everybody will know. Dadi requests that Abhi consent advise it to Saritha. Abhi says no than Dadi guarantees that she won’t advise to anybody.

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