Kumkum Bhagya 15 March 2021 Written Update

Episode begins with Aaliya coming to Rhea and requesting that she hear her out. Rhea says I don’t have the opportunity to converse with you. Aaliya says she came to share her concern and not to build it. Rhea says I thought you are annoyed with me. Aaliya says I can’t keep you glad like previously. Rhea says you can’t keep me upbeat. Aaliya says I am my Buji and says it is in our blood to act odd. She says Pragya came in Bhai’s life and destroyed his life, she didn’t come once to see him. She asks her not to be annoyed with Ranbir, yet annoyed with Prachi. She requests that she spruce up and eat with Ranbir’s family who are certainly going to be her inlaws. She requests that she kick out Prachi from her life and brain, and embraces her. Rhea goes to spruce up. Aaliya figures she can utilize Ranbir as secret weapon against Prachi.

Ranbir is vexed that his mom deceived him. Aryan converses with him. Vikram says you didn’t reveal to me that your maa is fine now, as you would prefer not to humiliated her. He says today your displeasure was extraordinary, I didn’t see you fouling up out of resentment previously. Aryan says he adores doing botches. Ranbir looks for his vehicle keys. Vikram shows the keys and tells that he will accompany them and eat with Rhea and family. Ranbir says similarly as I get free, I will go to converse with the breeze. Vikram says alright and requests that Aryan accompany them.

At the feasting table, Aaliya asks Rhea not to think while having food. Tanu says when the food is infront of you, at that point don’t think. All of a sudden they see Abhi emerging from the steps. Pragya thinks Rhea is looking cheerful, as she is seeing her Papa after numerous days. She requests that he come. Abhi slides on the steps railing and descends. Aaliya asks Gayatri, for what reason did you cut him down. Abhi gets frightened seeing Aaliya. Pragya asks him not to stress and tells that he won’t feel any agony in the event that somebody beats her. Aaliya says family lunch is going on and on the off chance that he assaults somebody. Vikram says its alright, everybody is family here. Pragya says assuming he remains in room, how might he realize that you are his relatives. Raj asks how she can contend with Aaliya. Pallavi says she is correct, atleast we came to realize that we can bring him out. Pragya gets some information about their connection with him.

Abhi strolls towards them. Vikram says I am your khadoos companion. Everybody give their introduction. Dadi requests that he have food. Abhi finds a spot at the eating table to have food. Rhea cries seeing his condition. Abhi reveals to Pragya that he got drained tuning in to their names, and asks who right? Pragya says you will recollect gradually. Aaliya says Bhai doesn’t know anybody. She takes Gayatri to side and says he is genuinely weakened. Pragya says I don’t get English, however I will cause him to have food. Everybody views at Abhi as he serves the food in his plate and thinks that its hard to take the food inside his mouth. Pragya holds his hand and makes him put food inside his mouth. He cries and tells that the food is zesty. Everybody takes a gander at him. Pragya makes him drink water. Abhi says enough, it is zesty. Pragya asks will I bring milk? Ranbir takes a gander at her. Abhi asks her not to go. Pragya says this is all your family, and love you without a doubt. Ranbir pardons himself and goes behind Pragya. Pragya takes the milk. Ranbir gets some information about this and enlightens that he was suspicious concerning her and now he has gotten everything. Pragya asks what? Ranbir says no one but you can deal with boss and requests that she come clean. Pragya figures how did Ranbir come to know? In the event that Prachi advised him. Rhea says I am Rhea… Dad. Aryan asks her not to converse with him when Gayatri isn’t here. Tanu tells that she will be in Rhea’s acceptable books and tells that his better half left him in clinic. She says I will deal with Abhi.

Raj gets a get back to and taps on Abhi’s while talking. Abhi blows up and gets his collar. Raj says it was accidentally. Abhi says you have beaten me. Vikram requests that Abhi leave Raj. Dadi requests that Abhi quiet down. Rhea cries. Aaliya requests that Mitali bring the stick. Ranbir requests that she tell who is she and says I have perceived that you are near Chief and realizes how to deal with him. Pragya says I am Servant. He asks how would you realize that Chief beverages milk with espresso. Ranbir says didn’t you hear how Aaliya talk, no Servant returns here. He asks how might you control him and says I will tell everybody that you are concealing your character.

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