Kumkum Bhagya 03 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Pragya thinking for what reason is he not saying anything and thinks some wickedness is going on in her psyche. All of a sudden Abhi yelling requesting to leave him. Pragya gets stressed and comes out. She sees Abhi faking the assault and cries. Abhi says he won’t do this again and guarantees her. They head inside. Abhi kisses on her cheeks and advises that she must be solid, so that nothing happens to him. Pragya says she won’t allow anything to happen to him. Abhi asks how, with tears in your eyes. He inquires as to whether there is somebody who loves you more than me. Pragya gets thinking. Abhi says I will lose infront of you and says in the event that that occurs, at that point he will end up being her slave. He says he needs to make her success and needs himself to failure, as the washout who wins yet loses in affection is known as the darling. He pulls her nearer and they dance… ..Allah wariyan plays… … They grin taking a gander at one another… Abhi kisses on her cheeks.

Prachi calls Purab and asks where is Maa and Papa? Purab asks what was the deal? Is everything okay. Rhea says I disclosed to Prachi that Dad is with her mother and her life is in harm’s way. Purab inquires as to for what reason did you say this? Vikram says Ranbir deceived her teasingly. Purab thinks I trust this was only a joke. He discloses to Prachi that her mother and father are protected. Prachi says Maa isn’t at home and that is the reason she called. Sarita behen says your maa and Papa are together. Prachi inquires as to whether Sarita behen is there. Purab puts the approach amplifier. Prachi tells that she is alleviated now and finishes the call. Purab is strained and particularly stressed. Vikram inquires as to whether there is any strain. Purab reveals to Vikram that whatever Ranbir said it for entertainment only, yet it is truth and says Abhi and Pragya di are in a major peril.

The shooters thump on the entryway. Pragya and Abhi gets strained. Shooter 1 says we will break the entryway if no one opens the entryway. The Inspector goes to the Commissioner and shows the shooter 1’s pic, says he has taken supari to execute Abhishek Mehra. The Commissioner requests that he return home and tells that get the shooter, however not today. He requests that he get the shooter tomorrow. Assessor sees Digvijay there and leaves. Digvijay reveals to Commissioner that his child will be delivered tomorrow. Chief says my child has done a serious mix-up by confiding in you. Digvijay says individuals regularly do botches. Magistrate thinks once my child gets liberated, at that point do how I can manage you.

Ranbir awakens and hacks. Pallavi comes there and brings boiling water bowl. She requests him to take 1 spoon from vicks with high temp water. She puts vicks in the hot water, so he can take the fumes. He can finally relax and expresses gratitude toward her. Pallavi requests that he rest.

Abhi and Pragya open the entryway and discover uncle. Uncle says I brought margarine milk for you both and requests that they drink. He says he thumped gradually with the goal that the hooligans don’t get ready. Abhi asks him not to stress and says the thugs may have gone far away from here. Uncle says they can return at whenever, on the off chance that I thump the entryway multiple times, at that point believe that I am on the entryway. Abhi and Pragya express gratitude toward him.

The hooligans thump on the entryway where Abhi and Pragya are taking safe house. Aunt opens the entryway. They ask did you see them here, by demonstrating Abhi and Pragya’s pic. Aunt alarms, says no and shuts the entryway. The shooters push the entryway and get inside.

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