Kumkum Bhagya 01 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Ranbir disclosing to Aryan that he can’t wed Prachi by cheat, thinks when his adoration is honest, how might he lie to her? They stand grasping the wreaths… Song plays… ..mera junoon… ..He says I can’t do this and offers laurel to Jai. Aryan requests that Ranbir stay on course. Pandit ji says lucky man and lady will make each other wear festoon and sindoor daan and mangalsutra custom will occur alongside it. All at once Prachi’s telephone rings. She moves to go to the call. Ranbir is holding the sindoor plate, while he attempts to move, a portion of the sindoor falls in her hair line. Ranbir takes a gander at it. Prachi picks the call. Rhea requests that she tell where is her mother? She says somebody needs to slaughter father and your mother? Prachi says she didn’t know as she came for her companion’s wedding. She says she will look through them and finishes the call. Rhea tosses her portable. Prachi reveals to Shahana that somebody needs to murder Maa and Papa, they are in harm’s way. She says we need to go. Ranbir says I had misled Rhea, we need to go.

Pragya emerges from the uncle’s home. Abhi stops her. Pragya says you don’t recall my number. Abhi says you are reasonable and grown up, asks what is significant, number or you. She asks in which class, I come? He says you are past any class, extraordinary classification. Pragya asks when did we meet unexpectedly? Abhi says when we came infront of one another, at that point just met unexpectedly. She asks when did we battle unexpectedly? He chuckles and says it is consistently another time, as at whatever point we meet, we battle. She asks when did you say sorry to me unexpectedly. Abhi says I never said sorry. He requests that she talk something sentimental and requests that she ask when did I say you I love you, took you in my hug, our first kiss, first night and so on She says you may recollect this. Abhi says I need to recall all the beneficial things identified with you and can’t fail to remember it. He says I simply need to recollect all the beneficial things about you and says I miss you in any event, when you are infront of me. He says when you are in my hug, that second, I get all the bliss of my life. Aakhiri baar… .plays… Pragya says you make me redirected from the subject. Abhi says I am yours, you are mine, come nearer to me and give me what I need. He embraces her.

Ranbir asks Prachi not to stress and says nothing has happened to your folks. Prachi asks truly? He says your mother and father are fine. He says I attached to Rhea, as I didn’t need you both to impact. He says I accepting you to room as Rhea came. Prachi says you misled me and not Rhea. Ranbir says I can never deceive you. Prachi requests that he look in her eyes and say. Ranbir stowed away from her and doesn’t utter a word. Prachi says you deceived me, and don’t have the foggiest idea when. She sits in taxi. Shahana likewise sits in the taxi and they leave. Ranbir thinks she thought her mother and father are in harm’s way and left.

Aunt comes to Abhi and Pragya and sees them romancing. Pragya says they were battling. Abhi says there was something in the ear. Aunt says on the off chance that battle is this, at that point how might be the adoration? Abhi says I will show, however she won’t concur. Aunt gives their hands in one another’s hands and asks them never to leave one another. She favors them and goes to bring something. Allah wariyan plays… .Pragya says sorry for battling. Abhi says where there is an affection, there is a triumph without a doubt. He embraces her. Uncle comes there and requests that they come.

Shooter 1 converses with Shooter 2 and tells that this agreement has become his own agreement. Shooter 2 says I need my record to be 100%. Shooter 1 says alright, this agreement is of us both. He says no third agreement executioner will come. The third shooter comes there and prods Shooter 1 for squandering his 10-15 slugs. Shooter 1 blows up and holds Shooter 3’s neck with his hand. Shooter 4 and 5 comes there. They see Shooter 3 dead. Shooter 1 says tosses his body infront of the wild creatures and vows to give the cash to Shooter 4 and 5 which he will get in the wake of executing Abhishek Mehra. Shooter 2 asks Shooter 4 and 5 to sit and see, says we will slaughter them. Shooter 1 says he will execute Abhishek Mehra.

Uncle takes Abhi and Pragya to the embellished room. Abhi says it is typically done by the bahus, betis, and so forth Pragya says it is acceptable. Aunt gets food the plate and contends with Uncle. She says a couple need to eat food from one plate and applies dark tika behind Pragya’s ear. Uncle says you resemble our children, so won’t get the awful sight.

Dadi gets down from the Rickshaw and requests that she come. Sarita behen tells that she will return home. Dadi asks where Abhi will accompany Pragya after marriage. Sarita behen says your home. Dadi says we will do Pragya’s grah Pravesh. Sarita behen pays the cash to the auto driver. Read More...

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