Ishq mein marjawan 2 Written 23 October 2020 Updates

I have such a proof that a big secret of yours will open and I know all that happened with Ragini 3 years ago and I have proof of that too Aryan Riddhima is completely shocked and runs away from there, realizing that Ragini’s master has been done by Aryan, then we see that Riddhima goes to her room and Grandma arrives at her grandmother’s locket. And gives the memory card, then we see that Chanchal and Aryan are talking and Aryan says that what was feared,

Riddhima has learned everything that happened 3 years ago and Riddhima’s Nearby is the memory card that has proof of his murder, now what we will do is that, after all this, Chanchal is very shocked and says that you had lost that memory card, so how did it get into Riddhima’s hand and it Anupriya is listening to everything and comes to know that Riddhima has a memory card as a proof in which Raj is hiding about Ragini’s murder and she thinks where Riddhima should be hiding that memory card.

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