Ishq mein Marjawan 2 25 January 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Riddhima checking the papers. She says Vansh, matured 15 years, Dadi was correct, what wrongdoing did he do that he was shipped off adolescent community, where is the page with wrongdoing subtleties, its missing, I was unable to arrive at the mystery, what had happened that he was shipped off adolescent place, my uncertainty was get right. Angre asks how might she return and sit on the off chance that she had gone there. Vansh says when I lifted the ghunghat, she was there, she had proceeded to accept the record also, what amount does she think about reality which will stir up VR manor. Ishani asks yet how might we know it. Vansh says Dadi can advise us. Aryan comes and says Dadi got typical at this point. Vansh asks what had befallen you Dadi.

Dadi says don’t have the foggiest idea, Riddhima accompanied a beverage, I didn’t care for the taste, she inquired me to have it, I had a feeling that I m making statements reluctantly. Vansh thinks Riddhima took care of her fact serum to arrive at my adolescent home mystery. He asks what did she ask you. She says she got some information about your pics matured between 15-18 years, I was unable to lie and disclosed to you that you were in adolescent community. He asks did you tell my wrongdoing. She says no, pardon me. He requests that she unwind. Riddhima reviews Vansh’s words. She thinks what is Vansh concealing it from me. Something goes in her eyes. Vansh comes and blows in her eyes. She expresses gratitude toward him and slips back. He holds her nearby. Ishq Mein Marjawan… plays… He chastens her for taking care of truth serum to Dadi. He says you are thinking to hurt Dadi to find inadequate solutions. She asks him not to inquire as to whether he can’t offer responses. He stops her. He makes her wear red bangles. She inquires as to why this at this point.

He says you ought to have not done this with Dadi, don’t you realize you have crossed cutoff points. She says you had shrouded reality, I was vulnerable to do this, my expectations weren’t right, I can never consider harming Dadi, my main goal is to arrive at reality. She breaks the bangle by her hand. She says when its essential to arrive at reality, we must not be right. He sees the blood on her hand. He does the guide. He asks do you understand what wrongdoing I have done, I realize you have my case record, yet I m advising you, you can never arrive at that mystery, leave it now, you can never arrive at reality, I m a mystery myself, you can never contact me.

She stops him. She says I didn’t lose, I don’t figure I m fouling up, its identified with my folks’ demise, I will arrive at it. He says you don’t attempt that with any other person, you won’t converse with anybody about the mystery, you won’t go out, you comprehend, do anything, however kindly don’t disrupt my guidelines, ensure you won’t venture out of the house. She says you make any guidelines, on the off chance that I have cherished you genuinely, I will arrive at this mystery before our marriage.

He says OK, attempt well, don’t give any reasons. He leaves. Following day, Riddhima is going out. Vansh stops her. He says I had made guidelines that you won’t go out. She says I need to go to parlor. He says parlor will return home for you. She says I need to purchase not many things. He says you figure I can’t get the things at home. She says I believed I know you, I believe I need to know you, I need to go, check and purchase things. He requests that she get the hang of confiding in others. He says somebody will shop as per your taste, you can’t go out.

He lifts her and takes her to the room. She says truth will break all the locks and come out, trust me, I m doing this to save our affection and connection. He says trust is most devil in affection and connection, your activities show the amount you confide in me. She says you can’t stop me like this. He says I have no choice than to make you away from this, better stay away. He gets a cuff. She says don’t do this.

He cuffs her, binds the opposite finish of the chain to the bed. He says I can’t see you in a difficult situation, you are liable for this, you will remain at home at this point. He goes. She asks him not. She searches for her telephone. She attempts to get the telephone. She gets her telephone. She calls somebody for help. Vansh accompanies the morning meal. She shrouds her telephone.

He requests that she have food, there is some an ideal opportunity for mahurat. She says you figure man of the hour will trap lady in the room and lady will be joyfully prepared for the marriage, no Vansh. Vansh says when a mum prevents her youngster from going towards fire, she appears to be a scalawag to the kid, I m the fortunate man of the hour who will deck up my eventual lady, I have this privilege on you. She sits upset. He requests that she have food. He says you love me, for my adoration, simply have food, capacity will take a lot of time. She eats the food. Her telephone vibrates. Vansh gets some information about the vibration.

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