Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th March 2021 Written Updates

The scene begins with Riddhima tolerating that she has taken the jewels and requesting that Vansh shoot her. Vansh shoots her. 4 hours prior. Vansh says to Vyom that he’s upset for his better half passing and inquires as to whether he rebuffed the killer. Vyom uncovers that he killed his better half since he felt that she’s deceiving him, yet she was correct and he’s off-base, here and there what we see isn’t reality. He is atoning his demonstration. He disappears. Riddhima reviews how she took picture hidding while Angre put the rifle in the violin box, at that point show showing a similar picture to Vyom.

Vansh goes to the room. He shows Riddhima how to play the violin. He says that he doesn’t care for individuals playing incorrectly tune. She asks he will rebuff on the off chance that she will play some unacceptable tune. Vansh asks requests what valid reason she admitted that she has taken the precious stones. Riddhima inquires as to whether he imagines that she can do as such. Vansh asks then for what reason she admitted. She says at the firearm point anything can be admitted. Vansh asks she could came clean when he pointed the firearm at her. Riddhima says that she needed to know whether he can shoot his Riddhima. Vansh asks her opinion. She takes his firearm and requests that he fire her. Vansh says not to challenge him, he can execute anybody for his family’s honor. Riddhima concedes that she has taken the precious stones and requests that he shoot. Vansh points the weapon at Riddhima. Dadi and Aryan watch them hidding. Aryan says Vansh can’t shoot, he has become a manikin of Riddhima. They hear firearm fired and look stunned. Vansh takes the pullet from the divider and says testing him is additionally an off-base note.

Vansh brings breakfast for Riddhima. He asks her where she was the point at which he was oblivious in the wilderness. Riddhima hacks. Riddhima says that she was in the wilderness looking for him, when he can’t discover she got back. She asks where he was. Vansh says that he was oblivious.

Vansh says to Angre that he doesn’t believe that she’s his Riddhima, what’s the requirement for her to take the precious stones. Angre says that possibly Riddhima held hands with his ennemy. Vansh says that his Riddhima can never like this. Angre says at that point she’s not Riddhima, she’s another person. Vansh asks what occurred in the 6 hours he was oblivious.

A FB is appeared, Vansh and Riddhima take cover behind a tree. He says that peril, run, demise, this is his life. Riddhima says that she doesn’t need such life where there’s consistently a danger. He inquires as to whether she’s lamenting wedding him. She denies they embrace. They hear a weapon shot. Riddhima says that she needs to live. He says that he will allow anything to happen to her or her youngster. He gets shot. He requests that she leave, he will deal with the hooligans. She denies, however he asks her to leave. She flees. A man attempts to shoot him, however Vansh takes his weapon and shoots him. He falls oblivious. FB closes. Vansh says that when he got awareness he saw Riddhima going wearing a red dress. Angre asks how Riddhima she can change her dress so quick. Vansh says that Riddhima appears to be changed her method of talking has changed. Riddhima hasn’t discussed their youngster since she has gotten back. What occurred with Riddhima.

Vansh carries Riddhima to the gynecologist. Riddhima inquires as to why they havd come here, they typically visit another specialist. Vyom is seen keeping an eye on them. After sonography,Vansh requests that Riddhima stand by outside. He gets some information about their kid. Specialist reveals to Vansh that his better half isn’t pregnant. Vansh gets stunned.

Vansh stands up to Riddhima. He says that specialist that she’s not pregnant and asks who she’s. Riddhima chuckles and denies it. Vansh gets the specialist calls. She is sorry to him saying the sonography report got stirred up with another patient and Riddhima is really pregnant. Vyom thanks the specialist.

Riddhima is in call with Vyom. She asks Vyom for quite a while to get the rifle. He gives her time till 12 PM. She goes to room and catchs Vansh. He says that on the off chance that she feels that he can’t see or tune in, he has been watching her since the morning.

The scene closes.

Precap: Riddhima attempts to take the rifle and Vansh designs a snare to find her in the act.

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