Ishq mein marjawan 2 18 February 2021 Written Update

The scene begins with Vansh supporting Riddhima. He says he wouldn’t have the option to excuse himself, if something had happened to her. Riddhima says nothing can happen to her when he’s with her. She adds that even their kid has total trust on his father that he won’t allow anything to happen to his mother. Vansh says that he can’t give her his amazement. Riddhima says his essence is sufficient for her. She at that point shows him pregnancy guide and says she wishes to peruse it with him. She demands him to acknowledge her desire thinking about it as her Valentine’s blessing. Vansh concurs. He recalls his terrible adolescence. He yells no he can’t do this. Riddhima asks him what occurred. Vansh apologizes to her leaving. Riddhima believes what’s stinging Vansh. She vows to herself to make Vansh world’s best father. The red gloves man breaks the mirror where Riddhima’s name is written in red tone. The following morning, Riddhima finds a letter close to God’s venerated image. She peruses that her kid isn’t protected in VR house and soon she will become acquainted with this fact. Riddhima asks what it implies. She sees the red hoodie man. She pursues him. She nearly get hod of him, yet he flees. She asks the gaurds to get him, yet he figures out how to get away. She ponders who he could be. She considers discovering who he’s. Riddhima catches them. She thinks Vansh is now stressed and chooses not to stress him more by showing this letter. Riddhima recalls the new happenings. She imagines that somebody attempted to wipe out her in the previous few days, and miracles who needs to kill her and her kid.

She puzzles over whether he’s a similar individual with red hoodie. She says she must be more ready and discover who needs to hurt her. The red gloves man is shown placing a wire in the flight of stairs center. Riddhima staggers. Vansh holds her. Family comes there hearing Riddhima’s shout. Dadi inquires as to whether she’s fine. Riddhima says she was going to fall however Vansh saved her. Chanchal chastens Riddhima saying she’s not dealing with herself. This family previously lost one kid, they can’t bear one more misfortune. Vansh quiets her down. He requests Riddhima to take care from herself. He goes to go to a call. Ishani says she was exceptionally cautious during her pregnancy yet. She requests Riddhima to take care from her. She asks how she staggered in the flight of stairs. Riddhima says she felt something like wire in her foot. Ishani asks Riddhima not to mislead conceal her error. Riddhima says she’s not lying. Aryan says if there was a wire, it would be obvious.

Dadi requests that she be cautious. Everybody leaves. Riddhima believes that she won’t allow anything to happen to her youngster. Riddhima goes to her room. She finds the toy infant without head. She sees the red hoodie man running from that point. She sees a letter and understands it: the threat that she detected today will increment in the impending days so she ought to be more cautious, anything can happen whenever. Riddhima says that red hoodie man needs to caution her about the threat.

She ponders who needs to murder her and her youngster. She vows to her youngster that she will discover who needs to hurt them after the upcoming Vasant panchami puja. Dadi gives Vansh and Riddhima’s gundalis to the minister and requests to fix the ideal opportunity for Vasant Panchami puja. The pandit says risk and asks Vansh not to go out until Vasant panchami puja gets over. Vansh says he doesn’t have faith altogether this and says he has some significant work. Riddhima yells Vansh. She requests that he leave his hardheadedness.

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