Ishq Mein marjawa Season 2 25 September 2020 Written Update : Ridhima Safe

Ishq Me marjawa Season 2 25 September 2020

In the last episode you saw that Riddhima is locked in a bag and after that she pools the bag and then that bag pool, she goes into the bag pool and Riddhima faints and then Vansh takes her out of the water. And then on

After taking Riddhima out of the water, Mahesh gets very upset because Riddhima is not feeling conscious and she is not even breathing, he becomes very restless and says that Ridhima please pick up once she gets up. Later he tries to give Riddhima a breath and after that Riddhima gets up and he hugs Riddhima Riddhima also hugs him then he takes her to his room and tells her there that he is in his clothes. Change it otherwise you will get cold and then I bring the tower for him, then the mind says why do you care about me so much then you cannot tell me yet it gets quiet and he thinks that even this last week I had asked this same question and I had no answer, there is something that is pulling me towards Ridhima, she is saying this and Grandma comes and goes from above and Grandma says that son you are Ridhima your Tell your heart’s heart to your heart’s heart and I have seen love for you in Ridhima’s eyes, that’s why you are afraid Need to be told and he should tell many times that the time runs out, after that we would regret that then I would have told you how good it would have been, so you should live it openly and let Riddhima speak your heart Should tell and then he starts practicing how I will tell my heart to Riddhima and I keep standing in front of the mirror, after that I come there and I ask in Eid if you are speaking He says nothing but then Riddhima goes to him and I see Riddhima wearing a anklet and while wearing the anklet, he says that I want to tell you one thing. He starts his talk only when a waiter comes and Ridhima It is said that you are calling grandma and she leaves from there, after that the house is about to go on a hunger strike, and on the other side there the dynasty’s sister is planning to run away from her house and her brother is also with her and He tells her that you get out in the flower cart in the evening and then live your life and she becomes very happy after that. Dance competition Starts and the girl and the boy dance, after that Riddhima has a clan’s mobile and a message comes on that Devraj Singh is coming to meet the clan in the evening. Then I think that we are in our house again. Why did so many messages and that’s where the episode ends.

Ishq Me marjawa Season 2 25 September 2020

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