Ishq Main Marjawan 2 15 October 2020 Written Updates

Next we will see that the dynasty is asking everyone what has happened here when I am not here. Both Aryan and his mother blame Ridhima for not knowing what he was looking for in the house and Grandma survived being shot in the house and much more has happened. Then Ridhima says that yes I was looking for something, I was looking for Sejal here. Because someone has kidnapped the changer and Sejal is in our house because I got his watch. Then Anupriya says that I think Riddhima’s hand is behind her kidnapping and all the people start blaming Riddhima in the meantime, in the meantime, Grandma says what you people are saying anonymously.

Next we see that the dynasty says that wait a little, all the secrets will open in a while. And where does the descent go after speaking this. This is a trick of the stage, he has come to know everything and I also say that Senjal is with me and he is absolutely safe and everybody starts to fear what will happen now. Aryan is afraid because he had kidnapped Sejal and was planning to remove Riddhima and Manch. And Anupriya and sometimes they are upset because the secret of both of them has also come to open and what the burning of the address has told her.

And on the other side there, Ridhima is also scared that Sejal did not tell me and Kabir about the dynasty, so she too gets upset. And then we see further that the dynasty leaves a message in everyone’s room that at 4:00 pm today all the secrets will open and all the people are very scared after hearing this. Anupriya is forcing Kabir to go out of the house and is saying that your life may be in danger, that is why you go out of the house as soon as possible, no one knows what to do.

Then we see Riddhima trying to find out from the clan what Sejal has told her and she deliberately talks about Senjal. But Vansh tells him that why you are getting so restless in knowing that what the channel has told me, Vansh is very effective, he knows what happened here and who has done what. Then we see further that Kabir has come there after becoming Jogi Badrinath, he starts running away from the house and stands in front of the stage, who is talking on the phone facing the other side, Kabir feels that I should not hide now. Because he is standing at the gate. Then we see that Kabir ships there under a table.

Next we see that Kabir is hidden under the table and it is 4:00 at the same time. And a havan starts ringing, due to which all the family members gather and ask what is happening, it is your strata that everybody knows what is happening because I gave a warning to all the people that A big secret will open at 4:00 pm and further…

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