Imlie 8th February 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with everybody preparing as Aditya’s manager will come. Aditya calls Malini. He says he is getting a few snacks for his chief. They will reach inside half and hour. Malini says they have just reached. Imlie is dealing with them. Aditya gets astonished. Imlie gives Malini’s chocolate cake to Yogis. They say we never got such kind treatment. Aditya advises Malini to keep an eye on Imlie as she can commit errors. Imlie advises yogis to eat the entire cake.

Imlie at that point opens the entryway hearing the doorbell. Aditya’s chief and his significant other visit however Imlie thinks they are from insurance agency. She advises them to leave as it’s not the ideal opportunity to discuss all these. She shuts the entryway. Suraj’s significant other feels they are in wrong house.

Imlie tells everybody that Aditya’s visitors are here. They seem like holy people. Malini sees them and says they are not Aditya’s visitors. Imlie gets stunned realizing that. She thinks she gave them the entire cake. Aditya accompanies his chief. Imlie begins crying and Aditya says presently why cry. You committed error.

Imlie argues close to Aditya’s chief and says she is amazingly upset for that. She twists down and continues to say kindly don’t fire Aditya. We will not get food. Suraj tells a wisecrack saying he will cut the compensation. Imlie again begins crying. Aparna says they are simply kidding. Suraj says you invited me in a special manner.

Imlie feels miserable seeing that Malini’s cake is done. Malini gets disturbed and Aditya advises her to converse with his chief. Malini says her cake is done. Aditya says so what, they will give Imlie’s moti roti to them. Now and again we need to change our preferences.

Dev calls Malini. Malini communicates her pity and says Aditya has changed himself. Dev says you used to go through 4 hours with Aditya before marriage now you both are remaining together constantly. There will be numerous things on which both of you will oppose this idea. You simply need to continue to help. Malini expresses profound gratitude to Dev and Dev attempts to get some information about Imlie yet he can’t. He feels regretful that he can’t get some information about his little girl transparently. He needs to accomplish something.

Malini expresses gratitude toward Aditya’s manager for coming. Suraj’s better half says Malini assumes an imperative part in Aditya’s life. Aditya’s manager says to Imlie that they are truly intrigued with her conduct. They will offer reward to Aditya. Imlie says Malini’s cake was the awesome just two individuals completed the process of eating it. Aditya says yet you destroyed everything. Imlie says she said sorry as of now perhaps it was in the fate.

Dev’s mom advises Dev to discover an answer of it. Imlie’s mom has endured a great deal. She said nothing regarding her better half to Imlie. Its Dev’s duty to apologize for that. Dev says she is correct. He needs to go to Pakdandiya to settle the matter where everything began. Anu thinks their contention is influencing Malini’s life so she needs to begin another existence with Dev. She at that point hears Dev’s choice and gets stunned. She changes the theme and goes from that point. Dev feels Anu heard everything.

Aditya gives a back embrace to Malini saying he is truly cheerful. Malini actually gets disturbed for the cake. Aditya says forget about it. They cherished the Imlie’s dish. He says I am feeling hungry. He says I am going to kitchen to eat moti roti. Malini thinks she is going overboard. She ought to be glad that Aditya’s supervisor is intrigued.

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