Imlie 26th January 2021 Written Update

Next morning, Dev gets food stuffed by worker. Anu inquires as to for what reason is he pressing food. He says he is going to studio and will take care of a couple of children in transit. Anu gets dubious. Tripathi family meets Imlie.

Medical caretaker whines that Imlie is disturbing her since morning. Imlie demands them to take her home. They state she ought to recover soon. She asks who will work. Nidhi says they all are finishing their tasks, so she need not concern. Family show proceeds.

They offer nourishment for Imlie, however she stands up to. Malini says she is ravenous, so she will have it. She tastes halwa and acclaims Sundar. Other relatives likewise taste halwa and acclaim him. Imlie shouting at Sundar tastes halwa and appreciates it. Read More…

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